2013 ‧ Sci-fi/Horror ‧ 1h 27m
3.3/10 · IMDb 78% · Rotten Tomatoes 5.6/10 ·
Nature's deadliest killer takes to the skies in the ultimate gill-ty pleasure as a group of friends try to save the Santa Monica coast from shark-infested tornadoes.
Initial release: November 7, 2013 (Germany)
First episode date: July 11, 2013
Budget: 2 million USD
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Sharknado is a 2013 American made-for-television sci-fi disaster film about a waterspout that lifts sharks out of the ocean and deposits them in Los Angeles. Sharknado (film series) · The Last Sharknado · Sharknado films · The 4th Awakens Original release: July 11, 2013 Original network: Syfy Production company(s): Syfy Films Genre: Dark comedy
Sharknado is a series of American disaster horror comedy science-fiction films released by Syfy starting in 2013. The sixth film concluded the series in 2018. Films · Cast and crew · Reception · Other media Starring: Ian Ziering; Tara Reid Production company: The Asylum; Syfy Films Produced by: David Michael Latt Distributed by: Syfy
Rating (45,445)
Sharknado (2013). TV-14 | 1h 26min | Action, Adventure, Comedy | TV Movie 11 July 2013.

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How much money did Sharknado make?
Sharknado Becomes Best Selling Movie Franchise of All-Time. Sharknado, the once-joke of a film, has officially become the most successful movie franchise of all-time. The 4-year old franchise on July 11, made $4.503 billion in “Total Franchise Gross” beating Disney-Pixar's $4.502 billion, according to
Which is the best Sharknado?

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Sharknado: The 4th Awakens. [02:43]
Sharknado 2: The Second One. [04:08]
Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! [04:38]
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Will there be Sharknado 7?
Sharknado 6 is reported to be the final installment of the series, so, at least for a while, there will be no more Sharknado movies. But, Bustle has reported that there could be a 7th film.
What causes a Sharknado?
The sharknados in this film are shown to be dissipated through an explosive being tossed into the eye of the storm. In real life, hurricanes and tornados are caused by hot and cold fronts of atmosphere reacting violently upon contact, and similar methods of storm dispersal have been proposed by some scientists.
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Aug 1, 2013 · Unemployed scripter + drugs + unconscious studio executives = Sharknado movie. Read more ...Duration: 1:17 Posted: Aug 1, 2013
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May 13, 2016 · Sharknado 2: The Second One movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: ...Duration: 3:12 Posted: May 13, 2016
... the maelstrom of teeth and death. Sharknado is a cultural phenomenon that has spawned two sequels, and renewed interested in rare metereological events.
Rating (18)
Sep 3, 2013 · Sharknado. Critics Consensus. Proudly, shamelessly, and gloriously brainless, Sharknado redefines "so bad it's good" for a new generation. Runtime: 90 minutes Studio: NCM Fathom
Sharknado. This campy franchise fuses two of the most fearsome destructive natural forces on the planet into a single entity and calls upon a motley crew of ... No Score Yet: October Faction
Aug 20, 2018 · Thus, Syfy's hit Sharknado franchise was born. In July 2013, the entertainment industry was stunned when the low-budget TV movie about a ...
Rating (1,570)
Sharknado. (1,570)IMDb 3.31h 27min2013X-Ray13+. When a freak tornado swamps Los Angeles, thousands of sharks terrorize the waterlogged populace, and ...