Chill Out

Scare Tactics: Season 4, Episode 11
A chilling scientific rivalry; a giant reptile nest in an old animal testing facility; a grisly secret ingredient in a farmer's organic soil; a doctor invents a drug that changes his personality violently.
Air date: November 7, 2011
Previous episode: If These Walls Could Bleed
Next episode: Hot Under The Collar
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Who hosted scare tactics before Tracy Morgan?
Scare Tactics had three hosts during its tenure, Shannen Doherty, Stephen Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan, all of whom mostly introduced the pranks, though they would occasionally appear as part of one.
Are scare tactics staged?
Actors are suppose to scare innocent victims while being filmed by hidden cameras. But the whole show is obviously fake. All the so- called "victims" are lame actors without any feeling at all. ... The only good thing about this show is the host Shannen Doherty, known for her role as Brenda Walsh in "Beverly Hills 90210".
How many seasons does scare tactics have?
5 Scare Tactics / Number of seasons The prank show that ran five seasons on Syfy between 2003 and 2013 revolves around unsuspecting marks who are set up by friends and family members to stumble into situations that resemble scenes from classic horror pics. Shannen Doherty and Tracy Morgan hosted past iterations of the show.
Does Netflix have scare tactics?
'Scare Tactics' is Coming to Netflix Globally in June 2019. Scare Tactics, the popular prank/game show is coming to Netflix at the end of June in many regions around the world. ... Scare Tactics is the hit hidden camera series with a Sci Fi twist.
Chill Out Scare Tactics Season 4. Tomatometer Not Yet Available. TOMATOMETER. Critic Ratings: N/A. Critics Consensus. No consensus yet. See score details†...
Season 4, Episode 11 Chill Out. First Aired: November 7, 2011. A giant reptile nest is found in an old facility where tests on animals were conducted; a farmer's †...
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Aug 10, 2018Watch Scare Tactics S04e11 - Series on Dailymotion.Duration: 21:29 Posted: Aug 10, 2018
Host Tracy Morgan helps scare a caterer caught in the middle a deadly food rivalry.
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Nov 7, 2011Episode Guide for Scare Tactics 4x11: Chill Out, Reptile Creature Revolt, Gang Green Thumb, Scary Development. Episode summary, trailer†...
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