2011 ‧ Reality ‧ 2 seasons
4.7/10 · IMDb
There is a litany of dating shows on TV so why not another one? This half-hour entry in the dating-show genre, hosted by comic Iliza Shlesinger (winner of "Last Comic Standing" season six), features a group of men vying for the affections of two...
First episode date: September 12, 2011
Final episode date: September 6, 2013
Presented by: Iliza Shlesinger
Genres: Reality television and Reality
S02 E100 · Scruff and Ready
May 22, 2013
S02 E99 · Thai a Little Tenderness
May 21, 2013
S02 E98 · Sweatin' It
May 20, 2013
S02 E97 · Spanks for the Memories
May 17, 2013
S02 E96 · One Chill Dude
May 16, 2013
S02 E95 · A Little Birdie Told Me
May 15, 2013
S02 E94 · Tie Me Up, Cowboy
May 14, 2013
S02 E93 · Boys to Men
May 13, 2013
S02 E92 · Dangerous Curves Ahead
May 10, 2013
S02 E91 · Extreme Tree Hugging
May 9, 2013
S02 E90 · When Male Strippers Attack!
May 8, 2013
S02 E89 · Shimmy Shake, Rattle and Roll
May 7, 2013
S02 E88 · Friendship on Fire
May 6, 2013
S02 E87 · To Surf With Love
May 3, 2013
S02 E86 · In Love With a Sloth
May 2, 2013
S02 E85 · Men in Suits
May 1, 2013
S02 E84 · Twerk It Real Good
Apr 30, 2013
S02 E83 · Slap Happy
Apr 29, 2013
S02 E82 · Look Into My Eyes
Apr 26, 2013
S02 E81 · When in Doubt ... Choose Hot
Apr 25, 2013
S02 E80 · Dance Like No One Is Watching, Even Though Everyone Is
Feb 27, 2013
S02 E79 · A1 Isn't Just a Steak Sauce
Feb 26, 2013
S02 E78 · Pants vs. Dress
Feb 25, 2013
S02 E77 · Ballet Boy and the Bearded Wonder
Feb 22, 2013
S02 E76 · The Big Apple Boys
Feb 21, 2013
S02 E75 · The Spirit Is Willing
Feb 20, 2013
S02 E74 · 28 Minutes Later
Feb 19, 2013
S02 E73 · Pull My Dreads
Feb 18, 2013
S02 E72 · From Russia, With Anger
Feb 15, 2013
S02 E71 · The Shirt off His Sweaty Back
Feb 14, 2013
S02 E70 · Modern Primitive Love
Feb 13, 2013
S02 E69 · Give Me an E.X.C.U.S.E.D.!
Feb 12, 2013
S02 E68 · Catman: The Dork Knight Rises
Feb 11, 2013
S02 E67 · Shave It Off, Dude
Feb 8, 2013
S02 E66 · Dance for Romance
Feb 7, 2013
S02 E65 · Whip It Good
Feb 6, 2013
S02 E64 · Russian Seduction
Feb 5, 2013
S02 E63 · The World's Greatest Loser
Feb 4, 2013
S02 E62 · Guns and Poses
Feb 1, 2013
S02 E61 · Tattooed Lady vs. Sideshow Freak
Jan 31, 2013
S02 E60 · Face Your Fears, Take Some Jeers
Jan 30, 2013
S02 E59 · Let's Get Weird
Jan 29, 2013
S02 E58 · Light 'n' Tight
Nov 21, 2012
S02 E57 · Is That a Lizard on Your Head?
Nov 20, 2012
S02 E56 · When in Doubt, Make Out
Nov 19, 2012
S02 E55 · Toe Sucking Seduction
Nov 16, 2012
S02 E54 · Pirate Girl and Naughty Nurse
Nov 15, 2012
S02 E53 · Tongue Studs for Two Studs
Nov 14, 2012
S02 E52 · The Lush and the Lucious
Nov 13, 2012
S02 E51 · Fly Virgin Air-Head
Nov 12, 2012
S02 E50 · The Suzie Hug
Nov 9, 2012
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Excused is an American dating reality-based competition series that debuted in first-run syndication in the United States and Canada on September 12, 2011. No. of episodes: 230 Camera setup: Videotape; Multi-camera Original network: Syndication No. of seasons: 2
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With Iliza Shlesinger, Andre Allen Young, Steve Turner, Doug Turcza. A dating show.
Excused. 26420 likes · 6 talking about this. EXCUSED is the hot new dating show where comedy, dating & rejection collide. Hosted by comedienne, Iliza...
Excused was a short-lived, reality-based syndicated dating competition series where singles... Host: Iliza Shlesinger
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