Disaster Date

2009 ‧ Comedy ‧ 4 seasons
5.6/10 ˇ IMDb
With friends like these, who needs enemies? Using hidden cameras, `disaster dates' are recorded in all their glory. They are set up by one friend who sends another buddy on a blind date, but what the dater doesn't know is that they are really...
First episode date: September 28, 2009
Final episode date: July 18, 2011
Network: MTV
Genre: Hidden camera
S04 E20 ˇ Vinny (Jersey Shore)
Jul 8, 2011
S04 E19 ˇ Episode 19
Jul 7, 2011
S04 E18 ˇ To Catch A Disaster Dater; Shock Jock; Bickering Bros; Double Hookup
Jul 7, 2011
S04 E17 ˇ Migraine Girl; Slob Daddy; Mozzletoff; Disneyland In Jerusalem
Jun 10, 2011
S04 E16 ˇ Jayson Blair
Jun 9, 2011
S04 E15 ˇ Episode 15
Jun 8, 2011
S04 E14 ˇ Episode 14
Jun 7, 2011
S04 E13 ˇ Episode 13
Jun 6, 2011
S04 E12 ˇ Episode 12
Jun 3, 2011
S04 E11 ˇ Episode 11
Jun 2, 2011
S04 E10 ˇ Episode 10
May 31, 2011
S04 E09 ˇ Snooki & JWoww
May 26, 2011
S04 E08 ˇ Episode 8
May 25, 2011
S04 E07 ˇ Episode 7
May 24, 2011
S04 E06 ˇ Episode 6
May 23, 2011
S04 E05 ˇ Episode 5
May 20, 2011
S04 E04 ˇ Episode 4
May 19, 2011
S04 E03 ˇ Episode 3
May 18, 2011
S04 E02 ˇ Episode 2
May 17, 2011
S04 E01 ˇ Pauly D & Deena
May 16, 2011
S03 E20 ˇ Episode 20
Aug 4, 2010
S03 E19 ˇ Episode 19
Aug 3, 2010
S03 E18 ˇ Momma's Boy; Klutz; 24-Year-Old Virgin; Pure Date
Aug 2, 2010
S03 E17 ˇ Menstrual Maniac; Married Player; Astrologer; Spacey Date
Jul 30, 2010
S03 E16 ˇ Decoy Dater; The One-Upper; Angry Raver; Hothead Date
Jul 28, 2010
S03 E15 ˇ Aspiring Politician; Drooler; Switch-Hitter; Girl on Girl
Jul 27, 2010
S03 E14 ˇ Episode 14
Jul 26, 2010
S03 E13 ˇ Spoiled Brat; Call Girl; Gadget Guy; Technophobe
Jul 22, 2010
S03 E12 ˇ Emotional Singer; Trashy Mama; Detox Girl; Girl Fight
Jul 21, 2010
S03 E11 ˇ Futbol Fanatic; Drunk Girl; Dominatrix Dominating Tim
Jul 19, 2010
S03 E10 ˇ Smooth Operator; Massive Sports Freak; Cheapskate; Pawned
Jul 15, 2010
S03 E09 ˇ Super Womyn; Competitive Eater; Dog Gone Dater; Doggie Disaster
Jul 14, 2010
S03 E08 ˇ Brace Face; Line-Dancing Lush; The Entrepeneur; Sharing The Wealth
Jun 26, 2010
S03 E07 ˇ Mamma Bear; Cyber Nerd; Messy Christian; Amazing Grace
Jun 26, 2010
S03 E06 ˇ Episode 6
Jun 26, 2010
S03 E05 ˇ Strip Teaser; Golf Perv; Texting Musclehead; Flash Your Rack
Jun 26, 2010
S03 E04 ˇ Episode 4
Jun 26, 2010
S03 E03 ˇ Episode 3
Jun 26, 2010
S03 E02 ˇ Song Bird; Junk Collector; Hairy and Horny; Happy Trails
Jun 26, 2010
S03 E01 ˇ Unfaithful Fiance; Monkey Researcher; Private Dancer; Strip Tease
Jun 26, 2010
S02 E20 ˇ Episode 20
May 13, 2010
S02 E19 ˇ Episode 19
May 12, 2010
S02 E18 ˇ Episode 18
May 10, 2010
S02 E17 ˇ Episode 17
May 7, 2010
S02 E16 ˇ Episode 16
May 5, 2010
S02 E15 ˇ Singer/Songwriter; Yoga Mom; Sister-Lover; Sharing Strawberries
May 4, 2010
S02 E14 ˇ Clean!; Lord Have Mercy; Climaxin'
Apr 29, 2010
S02 E13 ˇ Mr. Mime; Model Scout; Party Crasher; Pissed-Off Party Host
Apr 26, 2010
S02 E12 ˇ Helpless Mama's Boy; Gay Magnet; First Dater; Worst First Date
Apr 21, 2010
S02 E11 ˇ Poetry Slammer; Holy Cougher; Goth Chick; Murder and Meatballs
Apr 19, 2010
S02 E10 ˇ Major Multitasker; Shy Guy; Caffeine Fiend; Caffeine Crash
Apr 15, 2010
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Disaster Date was an American hidden camera TV-show on MTV in which actors go on a blind date with a person. The series premiered on September 28, 2009 ... No. of seasons: 4 No. of episodes: 80 Executive producer(s): Joel Zimmer; SallyAnn Salsano; Pam LaLima Original network: MTV
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An MTV reality series where people set up their friends on "disaster" blind dates. The victim shows up to their date with an undercover actor/actress who will do ...
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