Superstore: Season 3, Episode 19
As lottery mania sweeps the store, Dina encourages the employees to sell as many tickets as possible; Jonah helps Amy track down the new district manager to lobby for a raise.
Air date: April 12, 2018
Previous episode: Local Vendors Day
Next episode: Gender Reveal
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Lottery. TV-PG | 21min | Comedy | Episode aired 12 April 2018. Season 3 | Episode 19. Previous · All Episodes (100) · Next · Lottery Poster · Trailer. 2:11 | Trailer.
See also: List of Superstore episodes. No. overall, No. in season, Title, Directed by, Written by, Original air date, U.S. viewers ... 52, 19, "Lottery", Ben Feldman, Vanessa Ramos, April 12, 2018 (2018-04-12), 3.08. Cast · Production · Timeslot changes
Season: Three — Episode: 19 ... She tells Glenn that her new job is collecting cans for which she has to get up at 3:00am. ... Superstore Season Three Episodes. Cast · Plot · References · Trivia

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How many episodes are in season 3 of superstore?
Superstore - Season 3 / Number of episodes
Was America Ferrera pregnant on Season 3 of superstore?
In 2018, Ferrera gave birth to her first child while working on the third season of Superstore. Her pregnancy was written in the story. NBC bosses Lisa Katz and Tracey Pakosta said in a statement that the network was fortunate to work with Ferrera.
Does Brett die in superstore?
The Cloud 9 gang has been dealing with a lot of death on the new season of Superstore. Following the tornado that wreaked havoc on the big box chain store at the end of season two, it was believed that Brett (Jon Miyahara) died when he didn't make it into the storm shelter and a foot was discovered in the wreckage.
What episode does Amy get pregnant in superstore?
When Amy revealed she was pregnant to Jonah in the penultimate Season 3 episode of Superstore, fans were sure they knew what was coming next.
Find Superstore Season 3 episodes on ... S3 E20 | 04/19/18. Gender Reveal. Dina freaks out after a 4D ultrasound makes her pregnancy feel all too ...
Apr 12, 2018 · As lottery mania sweeps the store, Dina incentivizes the employees to sell as many tickets as possible. Meanwhile, Jonah helps Amy track ...
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Apr 12, 2018 · This page provides an overview of our use of scripts and similar technologies and how to ...Posted: Apr 12, 2018
Superstore (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 19 - Lottery - full transcript. As lottery mania sweeps the store, Dina incentivizes the employees to sell as many tickets  ...
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Buy Superstore: Season 3 Episode 19 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. Download to watch offline and even view it on a big ...
Superstore S03E19 Episode Discussion: Lottery. As lottery mania sweeps the store ... 'Superstore' Season 6 Premiere Date on NBC — October 29 ... 3 days ago ...

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