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What does candid camera mean?
Definition of candid camera. : a camera used to record subjects in a natural, spontaneous, or unposed manner also : something likened to a camera used in such a manner.
Is Candid Camera still on TV?
Candid Camera was a popular and long running American hidden camera reality television series. Versions of the show appeared on television from 1948 until 2014. ... Beginning on August 11, 2014, the show returned in a new series with hour-long episodes on TV Land, but this incarnation only lasted a single season.
Who hosted the show Candid Camera?
No matter how many times he's uttered those words, "Candid Camera" host Peter Funt said, they still make him grin. He's helped helm the seminal hidden camera show since the 1980s.
Was Fannie Flagg on Candid Camera?
When one of the performers got sick, Flagg went on in her place and caught the attention of Candid Camera creator Allen Funt, who happened to be in the audience that night. ... In 1978, Flagg won first place in fiction for a short story that she had written at the Santa Barbara Writer's Conference.
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Apr 4, 2015 Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Candid Camera The TV Theme Players Tv ...Duration: 0:58 Posted: Apr 4, 2015
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Jun 2, 2008 Here's the opening of Candid Camera on WFLD Channel 32. Includes a smidgen of a WFLD-TV ...Duration: 1:11 Posted: Jun 2, 2008
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Nov 2, 2012 The rare, British theme tune to the British version of Candid Camera that started in 1960 ...Duration: 1:59 Posted: Nov 2, 2012
When the joke was revealed, victims were told the show's catchphrase, "Smile, you're on Candid Camera." The catchphrase became a song with music and lyrics by Sid Ramin. Premise TV history Legacy Home media Theme music composer: Frank Grant Camera setup: Single camera No. of episodes: 1,000+ No. of seasons: 38
Mar 25, 2010 The lyrics to its theme song read as follows: "When you least expect it. You're elected. You're the star today. Smile, you're on Candid Camera.
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Listen to The TV Theme Players now. Listen to The TV Theme Players in full in the Spotify app. Play on Spotify. Playing. Candid Camera. 2009 Big Eye Music.
To us, he was the friend who gave new life to the Candid Camera theme song. Little Richard died Saturday. He was 87. In a memorable session in LA in 1999,...

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