Candid Camera

1948 ‧ Reality ‧ 1 season
6.7/10 · IMDb
Candid Camera was a popular and long running American hidden camera reality television series. Versions of the show appeared on television from 1948 until 2014. Originally created and produced by Allen Funt, it often featured practical jokes, and... Wikipedia
First episode date: August 10, 1948
Final episode date: 2014
Program creator: Allen Funt
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Aug 14, 2012 · Allen Funt, creator and original host of the landmark television series Candid Camera ...Duration: 2:57 Posted: Aug 14, 2012
Fast fact: Candid Camera is the only entertainment show in history to have produced new episodes in each of the last 8 decades. So subscribe, and smile!
Candid Camera was a popular and long running American hidden camera reality television ... received permission to maintain an archive of Candid Camera and Candid Microphone episodes for educational research and study purposes. Premise · TV history · Legacy · Home media No. of episodes: 1,000+ Camera setup: Single camera Theme music composer: Frank Grant No. of seasons: 38
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Candid Camera Poster. Trailer ... Candid Camera (1960) Allen Funt and Durward Kirby in Candid Camera (1960) Add Image ... Self 65 episodes, 1961-1963 ... Production Co: Bob Banner Associates, Allen Funt Productions Company Credits: Production Co Filming Locations: CBS Studio 50, New York City, New York, USA Release Date: 2 October 1960 (USA)
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Episode Guide. 63 episodes · Candid Camera Poster. An updated version of the classic TV show. Original host Allen Funt's son, Peter Funt, takes over as the ... Release Date: 27 February 1998 (USA)
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May 2, 2018 · Candid Camera is an American hidden camera/practical joke reality television series created ...Duration: 3:31 Posted: May 2, 2018
Smile, You're on the Candid Camera Web site - This is the official web site for television's most watched reality show. Hosted by Peter Funt and Dina Eastwood.

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Who hosted Candid Camera?
The payoff, when unsuspecting people are told, "Smile, you're on 'Candid Camera!' " is one of TV's most memorable taglines. The show is hosted by Mayim Bialik (Big Bang Theory, Blossom) and Peter Funt (son of original creator and host, Allen Funt).
What does candid camera mean?
: a camera used to record subjects in a natural, spontaneous, or unposed manner also : something likened to a camera used in such a manner.
How do you spell Candid Camera?


a small camera that may be used to take informal photographs of people, usually without their knowledge.
(as modifier)a candid-camera photograph.
Candid camera | Definition of Candid camera at > browse > candid-camera
Was Fannie Flagg on Candid Camera?
Flagg, whose real name is Patricia Neal, was a comedian and actress with credits including “Candid Camera” and “The New Dick Van Dyke Show.” But she is most famous as the woman who, despite her dyslexia, wrote “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe.” Her latest novel is not a sequel to that bestseller (which was ...
There were, however several really good episodes on here. I think for the money they could have done a much better job and given people a lot more material.
The Candid Camera episode guide includes recaps for every episode from every season and a full list of where you can watch episodes online instantly.
Aug 10, 2018 · The hidden camera show Candid Camera premiered on August 10, ... but was revived on TV Land as a 10-episode series in the summer of ...

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