Tracy Jordan

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Tracy Jordan is a fictional character in the American television series 30 Rock, played by the actor Tracy Morgan. The character is a movie star whose personality traits and life events are taken from Morgan's own life. In the episode... Wikipedia
Spouse: Angie Jordan
Creator: Tina Fey
Children: George Foreman; Tracy, Jr. Virginia; Donald (unofficially adopted)
Movies and TV shows: 30 Rock and Absolute Strangers
Notable aliases: Stacy Gordon, Gordon Trimeshko, and "Tray" "Tray-z"
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How much did Tracy Morgan make 30 Rock?
Film appearances and his very own show (2003-04) kept the paydays coming, but his gig on 30 Rock (2006-13) meant a huge raise. According to Forbes, Morgan was earning $2.2 million per year for his work there by 2012.
Why did 30 Rock get Cancelled?
The creators of 30 Rock, Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, have asked that episodes of the series be pulled because they feature characters wearing blackface. The show's owner, NBCUniversal, has backed up the request.
Does Tracy Morgan actually own the Bronx Zoo?
Forget about Matt Damon's fictional movie - Tracy Morgan actually bought a zoo. Now firmly on the comeback trail after his 2014 accident, the comedian recently pooled his financial resources (remember - 30 Rock's in syndication) to give himself the famed Bronx Zoo as a present.
Is Tracy Jordan based on Eddie Murphy?
Morgan plays a superstar black actor named Tracy Jordan, whose manic antics and well-fed ego suggest a combination of Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, and, well, Tracy Morgan.
Jan 25, 2013 · Tracy Morgan: '30 Rock' Let Him Be Himself As the series prepares for its finale, the comedian talks about how Tina Fey created the character of Tracy Jordan specifically for Morgan and how she allowed him "to fly over the cuckoo nest once a week."
Tracy Jordan is a fictional character in the American television series 30 Rock, played by the actor Tracy Morgan. Character history · Character traits · Relationships · Jordan's life First appearance: "Pilot" Last appearance: "30 Rock: A One-Time Special" Relatives: Thomas Jefferson (ancestor) Nicknames: "Tray" "Tray-z"
From 2006 to 2013, Morgan was a cast member of the television series 30 Rock, playing the character Tracy Jordan, a caricature of himself.
Apr 3, 2018 · 30 Rock. type. TV Show. network. NBC. Tracy Morgan returns to series TV in TBS comedy The Last O.G., four years after surviving a horrific car ...
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Apr 7, 2020 · When Jack (Alec Baldwin) meets Tracy's (Tracy Morgan) recreational baseball team of kids ...Duration: 4:31 Posted: Apr 7, 2020

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