Who's returning for Season 4? The core cast from Season 3 will return, which means that we'll see Steven Strait as James Holden, Cas Anvar as Alex Kamal, Dominique Tipper as Naomi Nagata, Wes Chatham as Amos Burton, Frankie Adams as Bobbie Draper, and Shohreh Aghdashloo as Chrisjen Avasarala.
Feb 10, 2021
The Expanse (TV Series 2015– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, ... Captain Martens 4 episodes, 2017 ... Neville Bosch 1 episode, 2015 -2016.
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Season 4 | Episode 1 ... The Expanse (2015) Wes Chatham in The Expanse ( 2015) Steven Strait and Dominique Tipper in The Expanse (2015) ... See full cast ».
The Expanse is an American science fiction television series developed by Mark Fergus and ... Burn Gorman as Adolphus Murtry (season 4), chief of security for Royal Charter Energy (RCE) ... Beginning December 16, 2020, The Expanse Aftershow premiered and is hosted by series actor Wes Chatham and writer Ty Franck. Cast and characters · Production · Release · Reception No. of seasons: 5 No. of episodes: 54 (list of episodes) Original release: December 14, 2015 –; present Original network: Syfy (s. 1–3); Prime Video (s. 4–6)
Dec 13, 2019 · The Rocinante Crew. The Expanse cast. Steven Strait as James Holden - ...

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Will there be an expanse 5?
Fans of The Expanse were on the receiving end of both good and bad news in November when it was announced that the science fiction drama series (which is currently in the midst of streaming season 5) had been renewed for a sixth season on Amazon Prime Video. That was the good news.
Why was Brian George replaced on the expanse?
Due to the announced cancellation after Season 3, the original actor, Brian George, became unavailable having accepted other roles that conflicted with appearing on The Expanse.
Does Amos die in the expanse Season 4?
In The Expanse season 4, Amos developed a relationship with Chandra Wei, another member of Murtry's security team. ... Amos killed her to stop Murtry getting to Holden. In his final scene of The Expanse season 4, Amos gets revenge on the captured Murtry, spitting through gritted teeth "you made me kill Wei."
Is season 4 of the expanse good?
The Expanse. Smart and thrilling as ever, The Expanse's fourth season doesn't miss a beat, successfully navigating network changes without losing any of its rich character work or narrative complexities.
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Cast & Crew · Cara Gee · Wes Chatham · David Strathairn · Cas Anvar · Thomas Jane · Dominique Tipper · Steven Strait · Shohreh Aghdashloo Episodes: Holden and Miller go on a mission to save Ilus. Murtry commences his endgame, putting many lives at stake in the pro... Premiere Date: Dec 13, 2019
Jul 23, 2018 · Cast · Main · Special appearances by · Recurring · Guest. Episodes: 10 Based on: Cibola Burn; (with elements from Gods of Risk and Nemesis Games) Finale: "Cibola Burn" (Dec 13, 2019) Premiere: "New Terra" (Dec 13, 2019)
Dec 13, 2019 · Who is in the cast of The Expanse Season 4? · New cast members · Lucia Mazu - Rosa Gilmore · Marco Inaros - Keon Alexander · Chandra Wei - ...
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Jul 27, 2019 · The Expanse Season 4 Cast Interview: Steven Strait, Cas Anvar, Dominique Tipper, Wes ...Duration: 12:55 Posted: Jul 27, 2019
Dec 13, 2019 · Dominique Tipper returns as Naomi Nagata, a Belter engineer of the Canterbury and the Rocinante. Tipper is a British actress, singer, songwriter ...

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