Marco Inaros is an Outer Planets Alliance operative, political extremist and commander of the Free Navy, a Belter faction and self-declared "military arm and  ... Filip Inaros · Keon Alexander · MCR Parliament bombing · Retrograde Family: Filip Inaros (son) Seasons: Four, Five
Former lover of Naomi Nagata, Marco Inaros lived on Ceres Station. They had one child together during their relationship, a son named Filip. Marco met Naomi  ... Filip Inaros · Sauveterre · Giambattista · Augustin Gamarra

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How did Marco Inaros die?
Inaros was seemingly killed by the same entity that killed Sauveterre when stranded in the Rings' "throat" because of the network being overwhelmed (the mass, speed and so on criteria that would overwhelm the "throat" were deduced by Naomi through careful analysis of the data about the ships that disappeared beforehand ...
Who kills Marco Inaros?
The boarding of Marco Inaros' ship was an attempt by Klaes Ashford to kill Marco Inaros. It took place after the Outer Planets Alliance had captured Marco, then voted amongst the factions to release him in exhange for his cargo.
Does Earth get destroyed in the expanse?
Aftermath. Earth was left completely crippled following the bombardment, despite the subsequent C.F. victory.
Who is Duarte in the expanse?
TV character Commander Winston Duarte was an officer and admiral in the Martian Congressional Republic Navy who led the defected rogue MCRN fleet into the Laconia system and helped Marco Inaros' Free Navy with MCRN ships and stealth technology.
Marco Inaros is a known longtime OPA operative. See: Marco Inaros (Books) Marco Inaros (TV)
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