Lucy (died March 15, 2020) was an employee at the Paper Store, a former co- worker of Beth Boland and the girlfriend of Max. She was ... Cause of Death: Shot (By Christopher) First: "Find Your Beach" Status: Deceased Last: "Au Jus"
Mar 15, 2020 ˇ Spoilers ahead for Good Girls Season 3, Episode 5. Beth may have found a way to (temporarily) evade Rio's wrath, but unfortunately, Lucy on ...
Lucy was introduced in the Season 3 premiere of Good Girls as Beth's socially awkward but incredibly talented graphic designer boss. Even though she's not ...
Sep 17, 2019 ˇ Yi, best known to TV audiences as House's Dr. Park, will recur Lucy, a quirky artist with “mildly impaired social skills” with whom the trio “ ...

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Who plays Lucy in good girls season3?
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Christina Hendricks
Beth Boland
Jackie Cruz
Charlyne Yi
Noureen DeWulf
Is Rio in love with Beth?
They ended up having a sexual encounter which convinced fans there was more to their relationship than just the cat-and-mouse game. Actor Montana revealed Beth and Rio do in fact love each other on a certain level.
Do Rio and Beth get back together season 3?
Dean's been cheating on Beth from the start and Beth has had a little something going on in fits and starts with Rio over the last three seasons, as well. They've split apart, they've come back together, and Beth has even lost access to her children for a time — it's been rough!
Who did Rio shoot in season 3?
Not one to be controlled by someone else, Rio callously murders Turner. The case against Beth is derailed but Rio is hardly going to let her get away with trying to kill him.
Mar 22, 2020 ˇ A guilty Beth convinces the women to go to grisly lengths to keep Max out of harm's way as Rio tries to "clean it up" on Good Girls. Read now.
Watching season 3 now too while waiting for the new season. I think the killing of Lucy really just ruined the tone of the season for me. Rio killing Boomer? Great ...
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Mar 22, 2020 ˇ Beth, Ruby and Annie Dig Up Lucy's Body - Good Girls ... Episode Highlight: " Frere Jacques ...Duration: 4:53
Posted: Mar 22, 2020
26, 3, "Egg Roll", Lee Friedlander, Helen Childress, March 1, 2020 ... Rio kills Lucy and keeps the girls alive, since they keep ...
Apr 5, 2020 ˇ The designer, Lucy, was killed by Rio a couple of episodes back after she made the plates for the thug. Beth and the ladies witnessed everything, ...

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