... and was also far from Galveston, which was the largest city in Texas at the time . ... The AHC uncovered and offer 13 "hidden" stories about Austin, stories that ...

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What salary do you need to live in Austin Texas?
You will need to make at least $51,600 to live comfortably with 2 children in Austin, Texas. If you are a single adult, you must make at least $21, 470 to live comfortably in Austin.
What is Austin Texas most known for?
Austin, famed for its nightlife, its outdoor graffiti art gallery and regularly dubbed “the drunkest city in the US” is to Texas as Berlin is to Germany, which is to say it proudly, provocatively, perversely bears little resemblance to the rest of the state.
Is Austin dangerous at night?
In the 2019 survey, 89 percent of Austin residents said they felt safe in their neighborhood during the day and felt safe in their homes. Meanwhile, 80 percent felt safe at work and 73 percent felt safe in their neighborhoods at night. ... Live (69 percent)
Are there bad neighborhoods in Austin?
As far as crime goes, there are still bad areas in Austin. Or, at least, worse areas. In terms of areas you may want to avoid living in, Montopolis, Austin tops the list. Montopolis has higher than average violent and property crimes compared to the rest of the city and country.
Austin Stories is an American sitcom that aired on MTV from September 10, 1997, until January 7 1998. It first aired on MTV on September 10, 1997, and aired Wednesday nights at 10:30 pm. The show aired twelve episodes filmed on location in Austin, Texas. Episodes ˇ Response No. of episodes: 12 Starring: Laura House; Howard Kremer; Brad "Chip" Pope
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