Jeffrey Hull
Ray Proscia as Jeffrey Hull/The Doctor, the mysterious dangerous man in charge of the game.

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Who is the doctor in imposters?
Jeffrey Hull (a.k.a The Doctor) is one of the recurring characters and the primary antagonist of the dark comedy Imposters. For the first season, he was only heard and seen from the back of his head. He is the leader of a small group of con artists, referred to as “The Family”.
Is Ezra the doctor in imposters?
The recently cancelled Bravo drama wrapped up its run on Thursday with a tantalizing twist: After the group defeated the Doctor, Ezra answered one of the boss' phones and pretended to be the doc.
What happens to the doctor in imposters?
The Doctor is dead; they can arrest her and charge her for her various crimes, but the person that they're really after is done. Now her particular expertise and her knowledge of all these different cons and people across the country is still something the FBI is interested in.
Why was imposters Cancelled?
Unfortunately, the series has yet to be saved by another network. According to Deadline, season 2 ratings for Imposters were “down sharply from last [season 1] season,” which contributed to the show's cancellation.
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History. Sally and Max teamed up with Maddie to pull cons for The Doctor. After connning Ezra Bloom, Max ended up turning Sally over to The Doctor's enforcer,  ...

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