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When was the last episode of punk d?
May 29, 2007
Punk'd / Final episode date
Why did Punk'd get Cancelled?
Behind the Scenes. In March 2007, MTV announced that the series was coming to an end. In late 2003, MTV announced that Kutcher had decided not to discontinue production on Punk'd. This was actually a ploy so that celebrities would let down their guard and the third season began airing in April 2004.
Is Punk D coming back?
This time, celebrities are at the mercy of Chance the Rapper. MTV Studios and Quibi said Friday they are teaming up to revive the show with Grammy-winner Chance the Rapper pranking unsuspecting celebs. ... No date was announced but the show will be available only on Quibi's mobile video platform.
How many seasons does punk'd have?
Punk'd / Number of seasons
The following is a complete episode list for the TV series Punk'd. Bold victims appeared on ... Hugh Jackman gets a tour of his X-Men: The Last Stand director Brett Ratner's house, and is asked to turn on the grill. Though it doesn't appear to  ...
Punk'd is an American hidden camera–practical joke reality television series that first aired on ... New episodes hosted by King Bach and DeStorm Power aired on BET. A new reboot of the series hosted by ... in the pranks. The series finale aired on MTV on May 29, 2007 and culminated in early June with the Punk'd Awards.

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