Lowe originally was signed as a guest for eight episodes last season, playing the new boyfriend of teen daughter Becca (Kellie Martin). He discovers a previous unprotected sexual episode with a girl has infected him with HIV.
Mar 6, 1993
Life Goes On is an American television series that aired on ABC from September 12, 1989 to ... (Corky is played by Chris Burke, who has Down syndrome in real life.) ... Tyler became less prominent in Becca's life and was jealous of Becca's ... Theme music composer: Lennon–McCartney Opening theme: "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da"; Performed by Patti LuPone and the cast of Life Goes On No. of episodes: 83 No. of seasons: 4
Rating (6)
Becca falls in love with Gabe, the bad-boy lead singer of a garage band who encourages her to stay out past her curfew which resorts Becca getting into trouble ...
Rating (2,159)
Photos. Anthony Addabbo in Life Goes On (1989) Chris Burke and Andrea F. ... Becca Thatcher 83 episodes, 1989-1993 ... Performed by Patti LuPone and cast
Eldest sister Paige Thatcher was played by Monique Lanier during the 1989– 1990 seasons and by Tracey Needham during the 1990–1993 seasons. Becca's  ...
Sep 1, 2010 · Teenager Becca (Kellie Martin) is the youngest Thatcher (until baby Nick is born) and sometimes too intelligent and emotional for her own good.
But look, Todd just wanted to talk to Kellie because his 10-year-old, Life Goes ... the role of Becca on the critically acclaimed family drama Life Goes On, a role that ... He's only in the film's first half-hour, playing Juan, a drug dealer who can tell ...

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Who played Becca in life goes on?
Overview. The drama featured the Thatcher family, whose son, Charles "Corky" Thatcher (played by Chris Burke), has Down syndrome, while their daughter Becca (played by Kellie Martin) did well at school but was socially awkward.
How did Tyler die on life goes on?
The character of Tyler was soon written out of the show; he was given the memorable sendoff of dying in a car accident with Corky as a passenger. Much to the surprise of those around them, Becca and Jesse began a relationship despite his HIV.
Is Corky still alive?
Her last stillborn fetus was found at the bottom of her holding tank. Of the 13 members of her pod who were captured between 1968 and 1969, Corky is the only one still alive. She has endured the longest captivity of any wild-caught orca.
Does Chris Burke have Down syndrome?
Burke has Down syndrome, and his parents were told to, at a time when little was known about Down syndrome, institutionalize him when he was born.

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In the last two seasons, Becca's boyfriend Jesse McKenna was played by Chad Lowe. Executive Producer Michael Braverman first cast Chris Burke in the 1987 ... Life Goes On: Season 1: Various, Various: Movies & TV. ... would go on to star in ER) plays plucky sister Becca, the 14-year-old initially mortified that ... NR (Not Rated); Product Dimensions : 7.5 x 5.5 x 0.75 inches; 12.48 Ounces ...
Life moves on at a leisurely pace for the next five years. ... Rachael plays the flute ; Jessie plays the sax; Becca plays the cello and Molly plays the harp and flute.

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