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49 months ago · « Never Say Never »; « Heartless »; « Heartbeat »; « Love Don't Die »; « Singing Low » (INÉDIT); « Corners » (INÉDIT)...
62 months ago · ... extrait de l'une de ses meilleures performances lors du concours télévisé : sa reprise de la chanson Never Say Never du groupe The Fray!
52 months ago · Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser. The Fray - "Never Say Never"...
77 months ago · On y trouve souvent The fray. Ungodly hour dans le 4x02. Never say never dans le 1x01. Be still dans le 3x20. Love don't die dans le 5x11.
37 months ago · I did, although I joined the fray a little bit later. ... Some people I asked declined, even some of the “big names” in death metal just said “no” or did not answer ... young enough (plenty of Youtube videos explain the mechanics), but those ... “Putrid” Carr), who captured it in ways I never could have dreamed of.
57 months ago · ... home that a normal family would never be able to build on their own, such as ... Many online guides I have read say that sprouting can take...
28 months ago · Erdoğan says Turkey not to allow Kurdish state in northern Syria ... ses proches, et bloqué les réseaux Twitter et YouTube pour empêcher leur diffusion. ... Demirtaş reminded that they have never pointed at anyone as targets and would ... said on Tuesday that although Erdoğan was supposed to stay above the political fray,...