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10 hours ago Keen photographer and undertaker Mark Hobson, who is a part-owner of the family ... I often reflect on the manner of my death and the funeral that might follow.
8 hours ago ... if a public body arranged the funeral through an undertaker, directly to the latter. ... This qualifying period is not required if the death occurred as a result of any...
20 hours ago Undertaker Stuart's quirky joke to go to the wedding by hearse ends up falling flat when the electrics fail and he can't open the doors. Rainie is far from happy...
10 hours ago The Undertaker stated that he is officially retired from WWE. ... can take his induction and make his Hall of Fame speech rather than wait until after his death.
4 hours ago ... Rumble and The Undertaker's transformation into the American Badass make ... The fan-favorites, death defying Hardy Boyz's return at WrestleMania 33 tops...
15 hours ago The most recognizable is Undertaker's finishing move. Other athletes ... Following the death of Chris Benoit, it was revealed just how damaged his brain was.
15 hours ago ... top rope, using an “Old School” setup, reminiscent of Undertaker's Old School move. ... Reed hits Thatcher with a death valley driver, pinning Thatcher for two.