May 17, 2016 · Turn: Washington's Spies. S3 E4. type. TV Show. network. AMC ... Benjamin Tallmadge has had only one true love in three seasons: the army ...
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Ben is rescued by a mysterious woman. Abe tries to stop Anna from marrying Hewlett. Arnold begins negotiations with the British.
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Aug 11, 2020 · TURN: Washington's Spies. S3, E4. Hearts and Minds. Ben is rescued by a mysterious woman ...Posted: Aug 11, 2020
Season 3 of Turn: Washington's Spies aired from April 25, 2016 to June 27, 2016. ... (4 episodes); Adam J. Harrington as Lieutenant Gamble (3 episodes) ... No. of Episodes: 10 Region 1: November 8, 2016 Length: 42–44 minutes; 435 minutes (total)
Jun 28, 2016 · “We loved what we saw creatively from the Turn: Washington's Spies team in season two, and ... Turn Season 3 Episode 4: “Hearts and Minds”.
May 20, 2016 · This week episode of TURN was a huge disappointment! After three great episodes this season, especially episode 3 “Benediction”, I was ...
May 16, 2016 · Ben is rescued by a mysterious woman; Abe tries to stop Anna from marrying Hewlett; and Arnold begins negotiations with the British.
A march to the gallows for the captured spies on both sides. Meanwhile, Benedict Arnold demands glory revenge. Season 4 (2017)[edit] ...

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Does Hewlett die in turn?
The Rangers give up the chase, with Simcoe noting that Hewlett was a nobleman, and far out of his element in the wildness. He believes that even in perfect health, the major could never have survived, and that he is sure to have already died in his weakened state. Hewlett, however, is very much alive.
Who shot Richard Woodhull?
Richard Woodhull (died 1780) was the father of Culper Ring spy and farmer Abraham Woodhull. He was killed by a Queen's Ranger during an exchange trading himself and Abe for Caleb Brewster.
Is turn Washington's spies on Netflix?
Home media. The first season of TURN: Washington's Spies was released on DVD and Blu-ray on March 17, 2015; it became available on Netflix on March 25, 2015. ... and became available on Netflix on June 4, 2017. The fourth season became available on Netflix on December 1, 2017.
Who played Sarah in turn?
TURN: Washington's Spies (TV Series 2014–2017) - Elizabeth Blackmore as Sarah Livingston - IMDb.
May 17, 2016 · 1) Abe and Major Hewlett: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. After Abe's cover is blown, Hewlett threatened him with his pistol. Eventually ...
May 21, 2016 · Review and recap Turn: Washington's Spies Heart and Minds. While the rebels are setting up a plan to ambush Simcoe in Long Island, word ...

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