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2 months ago Northern gannets (pictured here at Unst Island in Shetland, Scotland), are ... to their northern breeding grounds in mid- to late February each year. ... budgies are native to Australia and easily the most popular bird there. ... The "Bat Cam" captures imagery of the roughly 3 million bats living inside the cave.
5 months ago While there may be questions about summer staples such as Big Brother ... “With five almost five-year-olds and one precious preteen, life has ... mobile home” while remodeling; Prehistoric Road Trip (PBS, June 17, Wednesdays at 10). ... to visit some of the most active and dynamic fossil sites in the world”.
8 months ago One of the most popular destinations on the planet is right here under ... Mid-May is the start of puffin breeding season, and you'll see ... Canada is considered to be the Dinosaur Capital of the World, as there are many dinosaur fossil ... opportunity for you and the kids to participate in a real life dinosaur dig.
38 months ago Their paper, “The Genomic Health of Ancient Hominins,” is published in ... We've come a long way from imagining what life must have been like for ... But incomplete evidence was a challenge even when all we had was fossil evidence. ... noticeable enough to affect reproduction, the currency of evolution.
106 months ago Based on these fossils, it appears Gigantopithecus was closely related to ... The team determined Gigantopithecus—and the animals living...
6 months ago Maybe this is what life is really all about–searching and finding G-d even among all the multitude of mistakes we make in life. We have to own...
134 months ago Yes, there are a few inaccuracies (the hands are palms-down, rather than ... We now know without doubt that coelurosaurs - the theropod dinosaur group that includes ... It's relatively little known that a fossil track from the Lower Jurassic ... by filamentous, ratite-like feathers [image of Dyzio below from here].
120 months ago To explore the effects of ancient oxygen levels, VandenBrooks' team raised 11 other "living fossils," including beetles and cockroaches, in three habitats ... "One model out there says levels were lower than now, another says...
44 months ago The story is relevant to living populations of endangered species, because it supports the ... to the breeding population — of the woolly mammoths at each time period. ... There has been a long theoretical debate among biologists as to whether or ... From Ancient DNA, a Clearer Picture of Europeans Today.
24 months ago What Pip taught me changed my life. ... The date coyotes evolved from wolves had been established from fossils, and ... The ancient Egyptians bred 70 varieties as hunters, guard dogs, war dogs, pets, healing dogs, and dogs bred for sacrifice. ... Here a sheepdog is herding ducks; there's the agility team made up entirely of...