The Last Kingdom

2015 ‧ History ‧ 4 seasons
8.4/10 · IMDb 8.8/10 ·
As a child, Uhtred witnessed his father being killed and his Saxon army defeated by invading troops aboard Danish ships. That day, Danish warlord Earl Ragnar captured him and raised him in a Danish camp alongside fellow captive Brida, a...

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Finally, only the Kingdom of Wessex is left. The story covers about 40–45 years by the end of season 4. Season 1 covers the years 866–878, season 2 from 878  ... List of The Last Kingdom · Alexander Dreymon · Emily Cox · Millie Brady No. of episodes: 36 (list of episodes) Production location(s): Hungary, Wales Original release: 10 October 2015 –; present First shown in: United Kingdom
2015TV-MA 4 SeasonsBritish TV Shows. As Alfred the Great defends his kingdom from Norse invaders, Uhtred -- born a ... Season 4 Trailer: The Last Kingdom.
Aethelflaed and Uhtred ally with the Welsh king Hywel to face Cnut's army of a thousand warriors at the Battle of Tettenhall, hoping that they will be joined by ...
May 1, 2020 · In the series finale, Sigtryggr, a Danish warrior, holds power over Edward after capturing Wessex's capital city, Winchester. He has Edward's sons ...

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Nov 6, 2020 · The Last Kingdom returned for season four in April 2020, with Uhtred of Bebbanburg determined to fight off his challengers and take back his ...
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The good news is that The Last Kingdom continues to fascinate and intrigue, even if it has lost a degree of emotional intensity. · Season four was poised to be a ... Premiere Date: Apr 26, 2020
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After the death of Alfred, the alliances between the Saxon kingdoms are fractured . Uhtred believes that the divide presents an opportunity to reclaim his ancestral ...
Oct 30, 2020 · Latest news. For a warrior like Uhtred, there can never truly be peace... ** SPOILERS FOR THE LAST KINGDOM SEASON 4**.
Apr 26, 2020 · Over in Wessex, season four gives certain characters the chance to step out of Alfred's shadow. The newly crowned King Edward (Timothy Innes) ...
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Apr 30, 2020 · The Last Kingdom Season 4 is about to start on Netflix. Let's find out all about the lifestyle of ...Duration: 9:05 Posted: Apr 30, 2020

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