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Located at the very end of Murray River Country, the ecological health of the ... One shared characteristic of the way water understanding is expressed across these media is that it is oral-in-essence. ... Betsy Wing. ... “Unsettling sustainability: Ngarrindjeri political literacies, strategies of engagement and transformation.
Indeed, many right-wing critics of liberalism are convinced that it is no different from ... I've noticed a disturbing trend recently, in both politics and law. ... and to bear the consequences of one's own decision, are the very essence of any morals ...
unsettling feeling of déjà vu, certain that we have already lived a moment that, in principle, is ... One source, perhaps the chief source, of literature's power is that its very essence is to create its ... time as Romanticism is finding its wings as well.
zealous scholarship and her confidence and encouragement from the very ... family. In essence, her world explodes, and although she has often come close to ... Particularly disturbing to postcolonial Algerian authors were the contentious ... attempted to explain that outsiders: “... left-wing intellectuals ... have often defined a.
Rather, Barthes argues that avant-garde theatre is suicidal by its very nature bringing about not only its ... (1973) Ionesco contradicts this point of view noting that essence precedes existence. He ... l'existence», hovers an unsettling silence. ... mythological figure of Icarus, whose ambition to fly destroys him, as his wings are.
captured the very essence of Senegalese teranga with their unbounded ... 1 See Charlick (1991) on the democratization of Niger, and Wing (2008) on the ... assembly, disturbing the peace, and resisting the exercise of legitimate authority.
and Vengeance are clearly mythological figures, hovering in the sky, wings unfurled; ... cultural discourses central to the very structure of stories people tell about ... number of profoundly disturbing patterns,” including “an obsessive ... text from the beginning, reversing the essence of what a “beginning” is and eliminating the.
Despite his incredible sales figures and revolutionary impact on the juvenile ... the context of Goosebumps we know that the ostensibly unsettling ending is just that: ostensible. ... Its essence is its anarchic ability to upset norms, defy expectations. ... sealed-off tomblike wings and is haunted by the Phantom of the Auditorium.
Duras, and Albert Camus highlight the unsettling but unavoidable continuity ... camps emerges from an interrogation of the “essence” of industrial, urban life ( 254- ... very definition of genocide – developed, as is well known, after the end of the war ... avowed Sartrean and Marxist,6 these divisions in the left-wing intellectual ...
Aug 27, 2019 · ... Text & Image · COVID 4 Pressed Peonies · COVID 5 Wings or Lungs ... Samuel is played by Goujon, and I very much wondered if his ... Is this a comfortable thought, or a disturbing thought? ... This teddy bear was his doll, thus it was physically and emotionally tightly linked with his essence for me, and so ...