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Superstore / Mateo / Played by
Nico Santos
Mateo portrayed by Nico Santos. Mateo Fernando Aquino Liwanag is sales associate at Cloud 9 Store #1217 in St. Louis, Missouri. He is Filipino, was born ...

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What happened to Mateo on superstore?
For those that missed the finale of the underrated comedy starring America Ferrera (which you should definitely watch), the episode concluded with Mateo (Nico Santos) being seized by ICE in the store and then being taken away in front of his employees.
Is the actor in superstore really in a wheelchair?
There's a Reason You Don't Know Why 'Superstore' Employee Garrett Is in a Wheelchair. ... Actor Colton Dunn — who is not wheelchair-bound in real life — spoke with NBC about why he likes playing such a quick-witted character, saying, "I think he's the most normal person in the cast of characters.
Did Mateo get deported?
Justin Spitzer I know fans will probably see this and figure, oh, Mateo is deported. But he is detained, and there is a process to fighting that. In terms of the decision to do it, it was something that we had in the back of our minds for a while.
Is Mateo undocumented?
There's more to Mateo's identity than that, however. For one, not only is he Filipino, he's undocumented. Santos is a legal immigrant, but he can relate.
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When Mateo (Nico Santos) faces complications with his transfer to a Cloud 9 Signature ... in Superstore (2015) Ben Feldman and Nichole Sakura in Superstore (2015) Add Image · See all 3 photos ». Edit. Cast. Episode complete credited cast:.
Nico Santos stars as Mateo, the quick-witted, sharp-tongued assistant to the Cloud 9 store manager, in NBC's hit comedy "Superstore." ... Rich Asians," alongside an all-Asian cast that included Constance Wu, Henry Golding and Ken Jeong.
Sep 26, 2019 · After Mateo's devastating twist in the "Superstore" season 4 finale, Nico Santos and the cast have delivered some promising updates.
Superstore is an American single-camera sitcom television series that premiered on NBC on ... Nico Santos as Mateo Fernando Aquino Liwanag, a gay Filipino Cloud 9 associate. ... The site's consensus is: "Superstore's talented cast and obvious potential are slightly overshadowed by a tonally jumbled presentation and thin ...
The fifth season of Superstore, the U.S. television series, was ordered on March 4 , 2019 and ... The ensemble and supporting cast features America Ferrera, Ben Feldman, ... Mateo Fernando Aquino Liwanag; Nichole Bloom as Cheyenne Thompson; Kaliko Kauahi as Sandra Kaluiokalani; Mark McKinney as Glenn Sturgis ...
Feb 28, 2020 · “The last five years on Superstore have been some of the most ... Superstore has been lauded by critics and fans for its diverse cast and relevant storytelling. The Season 4 finale, for instance, concluded with Mateo (Nico ...
Sep 26, 2019 · [Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Superstore Season 5, Episode 1, "Cloud 9.0"]. Superstore finally returned after one big ...
Sep 26, 2019 · Mateo, played by Nico Santos, in Superstore's season premiere. ... “sad,” but appropriate since the diversity of the cast and the show's mission ...

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