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71 months ago 'The Walking Dead' season 5, episode 10 recap: Dog treats ... They don't have any strength left so they plan to use a tactic of letting the walkers...
85 months ago Classic Damon tactics. Dr. Wes gives Elena something to mull over while he continues his experiments, her father was one of his predecessors,...
17 months ago 'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 5 Episode 10 Spoilers: Someone Gets ... will these good Samaritans be forced to change their tactics?
43 months ago house of cards season 5 episode 2 ... Part of crafting the fear that the Underwoods hope will lead to a heightened National ... the committee, whose role in all of this will surely continue to hamper Frank all season long. ... I'm not so sure this tactic will work though. ... RECAP: House of Cards Season 5, Ep.10.
75 months ago Can the “Dead” rise again in Season 5? ... Alas, the episode does ease up long enough to offer some hints as to how Terminus evolved from haven to hellhole. ... SCARE TACTICS: Not all horror hounds, of course, love “The Walking ... launched its fourth incarnation — “Freak Show” — this week (10 p.m....
69 months ago Do not read on unless you have watched season five, episode two, which airs in the ... Then there's Stannis the unbending announcing: “If people don't fear you, they don't follow you.” ... While I have my doubts about Cersei's leadership tactics I have none at all about her ... Episode 10: The Winds of Winter.
88 months ago The coercive tactics Walt employs with systematic regularity are well-documented not only in domestic ... Season 5, Episode 9: "Blood Money".
20 months ago 'Game of Thrones' Season 8, Episode 5: 10 moments you might've missed ... her claim to the throne, or the scary one who has trained as an assassin. ... her pivot toward fear tactics and willingness to slaughter innocents in...
4 months ago ... below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 5, Episode 6 of Lucifer, ... she also thinks Maze is, if not nice, at least good, albeit "good scary,...
19 months ago In non-superhero news, Miley Cyrus will appear in an episode of Black Mirror season 5 (June 5), in which ... at a Time, series creator Gloria Calderon-Kellett directed episode 10 of Fluffy's show. ... Scare Tactics: Seasons 4 & 5.