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112 months ago I'm not scared of rats either, but then I've never faced down a monster-sized rodent like this one with a pitchfork. Give me a handgun any day!
12 months ago Another man, who said his name was Gregg, told Denverite he believed the cleanup was a tactic while the camping ban is in limbo. ... and trails that Denver Department of Public Health's Danica Lee said are evidence of rats in Lincoln Memorial Park, Jan. ... “I'm more scared of half a million Broncos fans.”.
2 months ago “Buddy the Rat” — AKA performance artist Jonothan Lyons — has been ... Lyons works in physical theater and puppetry, including a stint with the Blue Man Group. ... some people do get excited and occasionally scared when Buddy appears. ... Dems ready to use rare tactic to push through COVID-19 bill.
21 months ago But I always go to the bathroom and she's always there when I get back. “I'm scared that if I leave this place, she'll come back and I won't be there.
5 months ago Video interviews of a crucial prosecution witness were leaked online calling the man a 'rat' and a 'tout'. Detectives are investigating if the...
38 months ago One person was killed and two others were sickened by lepto in the Bronx last ... Why are you assuming this is a scare tactic and not a PSA?
66 months ago I don't know what it is about the angry rat box that makes it so much worse ... So until you can go back to in-person distillery crawls, here are...
12 months ago As might be expected, the Year of the Rat signals good fortune for those ... Man who was horrified to be served a burger that was 'pink and raw'...
12 months ago 'It's scary': Confronting new Covid milestone reached amid ICU crisis. The number of US hospitals nearing breaking point has doubled in the past...
45 months ago Aidan Pankey and his grandmother bought pet rat 'Alex' from Petco in San Diego so there would be a male rat to marry the female they already...