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55 months ago Nevin McCown knows he works a job most guys would envy, so as head brewer at Empirical Brewing, ... This is scary stuff that's tough to cure if a rat bites you. ... Municipalities are trying a wide variety of extermination tactics.
16 months ago Let me do my best to explain: Scare Tactics was a hidden-camera ... with an experiment-gone-wrong that resulted in the creation of a "rat man.
22 months ago Mice and rats, too, of course, but these mammals evoke little sympathy from paying customers thanks to some sticky relationship baggage dating...
83 months ago Seemingly “squeaky-clean'' Wharton Law School graduate Jody Kriss “used mob tactics'' — nearly getting him killed — to try to get his half of...
6 months ago ... leaked online calling the man a 'rat' and a 'tout'. Detectives are investigating if the intimidation of some witnesses was “outsourced” to Dublin...
39 months ago One person was killed and two others were sickened by lepto in the Bronx last ... Why are you assuming this is a scare tactic and not a PSA?
69 months ago But then the entire basement began to smell of rat urine, which turns out to ... Not only is rat poison bad for the environment and wildlife, but this tactic also ... you say to the person that they're only going to eat your dead foot.
69 months ago A gangly, weathered man in his 60s invited Merrill in, pulled out a ... We tied tiny bells to them, hoping they'd scare other rats away (it ... But in a few places, people are bringing new tactics and technology to the war on rats.
54 months ago North Charleston woman living in rat-infested apartment, says management won't help ... own, because she said management will only send a maintenance man or pest control. ... “I just take a brillo pad and stuff it in there,” she said of one tactic she uses. ... I sleep with my lights on, because I'm so scared.”.
67 months ago Cole advised that although unsightly and scary, rat snakes should be left alone because they ward off rodents. "I bend over backwards to...