6 days ago And all Lisa can do is prattle on about Orange Man Bad. ... survivable using democratic owned media to deliver 24/7 scare tactics and false numbers even switching from deaths to “cases”….. resulting in the ... Do I smell a rat?
2 weeks ago While man-eating snakes are exceptionally rare (although it has been known to ... As an additional scare tactic, they will hiss and flatten their neck ribs into a hood, ... as rabbits and squirrels, and small birds, while the young eat rats and mice.
3 weeks ago The opposition starting scaring people into believing that he was ... guns and the fact Obama was black only added to the scare tactics. ... Does anyone seriously think that King Lamont really gives a rat's ... Come on man!!
3 months ago Video interviews of a crucial prosecution witness were leaked online calling the man a 'rat' and a 'tout'. Detectives are investigating if the...
3 months ago Scare tactics The Belarusian authorities are known for playing up 'security threats' ... alleged security threats to scare citizens during times of political instability. ... “They taught me to throw a poisoned rat in a bucket of water and, after it ... To this day, no one knows anything about the man who told this story.
8 months ago Rats are becoming a problem in New Orleans as restaurants remain empty ... A man walks past a closed Cafe Du Monde, in the French Quarter of ... 'It's not conjecture, it's not some flimsy theory, this is not a scare tactic, this is...
12 months ago Let me do my best to explain: Scare Tactics was a hidden-camera ... with an experiment-gone-wrong that resulted in the creation of a "rat man.
5 months ago By employing these tactics, Trump is lifting freely from former FBI Director ... that Hoover “wielded more power longer than any man in American history. ... as well as the New Deal, when he incited the “Red Scare” to keep his job in 1947. ... It is the old story of once a rat comes into a house through a hole in...
6 months ago How can you support a man who has seen more dead Americans on his watch than the last 5 ... His tactics have only damaged this country. ... IT BETTER SCARE THE HELL OUT OF AMERICA. ... to bed pulling dirty Demon-c-Rats closer and closer when the President was up by 100s of thousands of votes!
1 month ago Reynolds: Scare tactics 'laid out by the media' don't represent Iowa ... a man in glasses looking at the camera ... 'Pizza Rat Man' goes viral.