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17 hours ago · Killian Kringe (Haylee Petroski), 14:02. Shots — HON 4 ... Zuerlein did not use a tee for his slow-rolling onside attempt, a rare tactic. ... “Really, I was scared we wouldn't get to the end,” race director Christian Prudhomme conceded at the finish.
3 weeks ago · ... that confirmation of any of this flap has more credibility than the Killian stuff. ... when that shit starts going of it is scary and indicative , mainly there checked out ... Left using smoke and mirrors and bob and weave tactics to obfuscate the Truth.
6 months ago · Public Information Liaison Tim Killian confirms that 31 of 35 tests for the coronavirus have tested ... NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS closing locker rooms amid virus scare ... “I don't know what your tactic is, but it's condemned by the court,” Tompkins said.
3 months ago · The match was pretty decent and it was nice to see Killian in an NXT ring as it ... Cole said he thought it was a scare tactic and he knows how this movie plays...
1 month ago · ... AutoNsider with Daryl Killian · Love and Relationships with Joyce Littel · Real Estate 101 with Mary ... “This wasn't some scare tactic that anybody was using.
2 months ago · ... called Ponder's presentation a scare tactic it's worth noting the analysis was ... NHRMC engaged Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, P.C. to work on the...
4 months ago · Restaurant CEO on COVID-19: 'I honestly don't see a scenario where 50% to 60% of restaurants don't close'. Yvette Killian. ·Producer. May 5, 2020 ·3 mins read.
11 months ago · Then, in 2007, he launched his own fragrance house, By Kilian. “The colder it gets, the more I want to feel cocooned, like there's a cashmere scarf around my neck.
3 months ago · Mrs. Killian, our kind-hearted, energetic teacher, truly went above and beyond for her ... causing a gas-leak scare, which led many teachers to panic and wonder what ... and tended to use more unconventional but very effective teaching tactics.
8 months ago · So, thanks for the science, but please hold the scare tactics. And yes, clearly NotADoctor, ... Wide-Field-of-View Metalens MIT Killian Court. September 20, 2020...