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I believe at some point they discover the hitchhiker has a (fake) head in a bag or ... It was Scare Tactics, having trouble finding the video it seems to have been ...
In a bit called "Hitchhiker" (I think) the actor Dave Sheridan got repeatedly punched in the face by the MARK. A couple other actors have been tackled, but nothing ...
Jan 13, 2020 · There was a Scare Tactics where a hitchhiker was picked up and the people not in on the prank saw a decapitated head in his bag.
Saw an episode of Scare Tactics where they picked up a hitchhiker (actor) and at the moment the passenger (the one that is getting pranked) sees a head in his ...
I know I'm a bit late (and I'm not a hitchhiker), but I too would like to hear this... I didn't realize this ... Damn, and this guy wasn't on some scare-tactics shit? level 1.

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I think Scare Tactics really covered this well as well. ... the poor struggling actor that had to take that vicious beating in the episode with the "homeless hitchhiker".
They used hit and run tactics and used mostly horses for transportation and ... They also made an objective to scare the enemy so much to make them look like  ...
I remember one of the first episodes had a hitchhiker pretending to be a a serial killer. The guy who ... TIL Tracy Morgan hosts Scare Tactics. level 1. [deleted].