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I'm surpised Scare Tactics has only gotten a civil lawsuit, from what I've ... they picked up a sinister hitchhiker who had a head in his backpack.
Aug 15, 2003 · I ran across the program "Scare Tactics" on the SciFi channel awhile ... a guy ( passenger) by appearing to accidentally pick up a hitchhiker on ...
Scare Tactics (TV Series 2003– ) Poster ... So far the episode I liked best was the one where the group picked up that weird hitchhiker, then he gets out to go ...
Scare Tactics ... creature; Shannen Doherty stages her own kidnapping to set up her personal assistant; a car full of partygoers are menaced by a hitchhiker.
Aug 24, 2018 · Scare Tactics. (a Titles & ... 1-2 04 Apr 03 Bigfoot Attacks, Where's Shannen?, Flatline, Psycho Hitchhiker 3. 1-3 11 Apr 03 ... 1-13 01 Aug 03 Laboratory Meltdown, Eye Witness, Unborn Clones, Silo Scare 14. 1-14 08 Aug 03 ...
Apr 5, 2003 · With the deranged hitchhiker gag, as soon as the victim saw the driver getting stabbed, he jumped ... You should be you are on scare tactics.
Apr 6, 2003 · I actually enjoyed "Scare Tactics" but some of those were pretty evil pranks. I thought the hitchhiker getting hit was the highpoint of the show.
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