9 months ago Reps for Propagate did not immediately respond to TheWrap's request ... Scare Tactics franchise content; to reboot and produce new episodes;...
18 months ago While Netflix is “very interested in new episodes, they wanted to dip their toe in the water ... If that happens, “the goal for Scare Tactics is to get people to believe the ... We want the reaction to be: That was fun, let's do it again!
1 month ago She's been married before and doesn't want to do it again unless she's 100% ... Rather than be scared off by Zac's past, Tayshia explains she's...
2 months ago Each episode of The Undoing so far has slightly focused on one character's ... Do we know if Henry had an alibi for the night of the fundraiser? ... when she once again parroted that standing by her husband was for the good of her ... hands and perform their united front), but they decide on a defense tactic.
2 months ago Once again, the Bachelorette does a little fake-out before handing out the rose: She compliments Ben for ... she says of his intimidation tactics.
4 months ago Letitia delivers this news to Atticus late into the episode with a weary ... Ten days later three people went missing inside the house, never to be seen again. ... As the days roll on the tactics to get them to move increase in ... to their pre-experimentation states—they shouldn't be the “scary” ones here, after all.
1 month ago This is the best episode of Star Trek: Discovery to date. ... Federation in order to finally bring Romulans and Vulcans back together again? ... A manipulative tactic that borders on insulting, to be sure, but frankly, it's all ... And every day there's this fear that I'm doing it wrong, like I'll destroy the people I love.
18 months ago Scare Tactics, the delightfully frightful hidden-camera series, is like a ... of all this is to lead to doing more episodes, which we're ready to go on.
7 months ago The TNT drama upped the ante once again with another whirlwind ... If she does know, I can't help but think things will only get worse for Melanie going forward. ... I assumed his anecdotes were basically glorified scare tactics.
4 months ago ... but we can't get a sequel of this horror hell. For its 2020 Election coverage, Full Frontal will deploy their own version of fear tactics and use a...