1 day ago In 2018, Sullivan shared a meme from “Bikers for Trump 2020” that insults ... that Fitzgerald is using the term “socialist” more as a scare tactic.
2 hours ago ... to Pakatan's win in 2018 and this kind of scare tactics were the same things that he had spoken out against during the election campaign.
1 day ago Campaign committees supporting a Palo Alto hotel tax in 2018 and a ... The fact the college district is resorting to scare tactics tells me that they...
3 days ago Emotional issues and scare tactics are easier to spring on voters than ... But opposing it in 2018 was an emotional way of trying and failing to...
1 day ago ... of the “short and distort” scare tactics to push the company's stock down. ... AR company, began trading on the CSE on October 31st, 2018.
22 hours ago ... the airwaves with scare tactics,” the congressman refused to answer ... him a perfect score from the League of Conservation Voters in 2018.
1 day ago In August 2018, police started accessing the camera footage to help solve ... official in San Diego who is not intimidated by their scare tactics.
6 days ago ... anti-Semitic tropes about billionaire George Soros in 2018 is behind ... imagery and scare tactics around socialism to discourage voters from...
1 day ago ... for supposedly swiping her “StaceFace” layout back in 2018! ... with scare tactics– we can not quit harasses unless we withstand them!!!
3 weeks ago Both are significantly up from 2018, analysts said. ... said in a morning keynote that "scare tactics are not going to stop the reforms we need.".