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cause great fear or nervousness in; frighten.
"the rapid questions were designed to <b>scare</b> her <b>into</b> blurting out the truth"
synonyms: frighten, make afraid, make fearful, make nervous, panic, throw into a panic, terrify, petrify, scare/frighten to death, scare stiff, scare witless, scare/frighten the life out of, scare the hell out of, strike terror into, fill with fear, put the fear of God into, give someone goose pimples, make someone's blood run cold, chill someone's blood, send into a cold sweat, startle, alarm, give someone a fright, give someone a turn, shock, appall, horrify, intimidate, daunt, unnerve, scare the pants off, scarify, make someone's hair curl, throw into a blue funk, put the wind up, scare the bejesus out of, spook, fright, affright, scare shitless, scare the shit out of

a sudden attack of fright.
"gosh, that gave me a scare!"
synonyms: fright, shock, start, turn, jump, the heebie-jeebies

4 days ago · scare meaning: 1. to (make a person or animal) feel frightened: 2. a sudden feeling of fear or worry: 3. an…. Learn more.
Jan 17, 2020 · scare in American English (skɛr ) verb transitiveWord forms: scared or ˈscaring. 1. to fill with fear or terror; esp., to frighten suddenly or startle; terrify. verb intransitive.

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What does scare mean?
Scare is a verb that means frighten or intimidate. You might be embarrassed to admit that you don't want to go to the beach with your friends because of how much seagulls scare you. Questions on a test you're unprepared for might scare you, and so might a barking dog.
Is Scareing a word?
verb (used with object), scared, scar·ing. to fill, especially suddenly, with fear or terror; frighten; alarm.
What does it mean to scare someone?
[scare someone into something] to make someone feel so worried or frightened that they do something. scare someone into doing something: Many people have been scared into buying organic food. To make someone afraid or frightened:frighten, alarm, scare... To make someone worried or nervous:worry, concern, tear apart...
What is the synonym of scare?
Synonyms. fright terrorise stir excite horrify appal fear shake up terrify affright frighten stimulate bluff spook awe appall intimidate alarm terrorize shake dread consternate dismay.
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