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Learn to pronounce scarce·ly

only just; almost not.
"her voice is so low I can scarcely hear what she is saying"
synonyms: hardly, barely, only just, almost not

2 days ago · Définition de hack en anglais. hack. verb ... UK figurative The article had been hacked about (= carelessly changed) so much that it was scarcely recognizable.
2 days ago · though it scarcely deserves the name. pour ce que (cela) vaut. You can borrow our lawn mower, such as it is. (Traduction de such as it is depuis le Dictionnaire ...
576 results · 6 days ago · Newly definition, recently; lately: a newly married couple. ... This has been a constant theme in history: women have scarcely ever been portrayed on, ...
3 days ago · Forgiving sins here means removing the stigma imposed on him by a culture in ...
4 days ago · ... not been vaccinated, particularly those in outlying and scarcely resourced areas, ... “This means cancelling or postponing all non-essential activities or going ...
4 days ago · ... been vaccinated, particularly those in outlying and scarcely resourced areas, ... basically defined as the ICUs there are full, so we fully expect that to happen ...
6 days ago · Grand 'Henry 1972: 158), also has both iđa and wəlla meaning "if" side by side ... a recent alternative to older ysəm ﻳﺴﻢ , can scarcely be cited in this connection.
14 hours ago · ... DE VOCABULAIRE ANGLAIS _ FRANÇAIS ANGLAIS à l'envers upside-down à peine scarcely à ... Définition des adverbes en anglais et de leurs fonctions.
6 days ago · aforesaid Mandate is a treaty in force, within the meaning of Article 37 ... scarcely likely that a system which, of set purpose, created a position such that, if a ...
7 days ago · The definition of the ... The Precambrian basement is scarcely present at the. outcrop. ... granitoids crop out scarcely in the Eastern Central Meseta. (Zaı.