Hot Sub

Miss Guided: Episode 2
An attractive substitute teacher chooses Becky over Lisa, but his presence threatens Tim's job; one of Becky's troubled students gets exciting news.
Air date: March 20, 2008
Previous episode: Homecoming
Next episode: The List
Director: Todd Holland
Written by: Kevin Etten
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Rating (28)
TV-PG | 21min | Comedy | Episode aired 20 March 2008. Season 1 | Episode 2. Previous ˇ All Episodes (7) ˇ Next ˇ Hot Sub Poster. A handsome sub makes eyes  ...
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Mar 20, 2008 ˇ Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Hot Sub, Becky finds herself in an awkward situation when a ...Posted: Mar 20, 2008
“Hot Sub” is the second episode of the ABC situation comedy television series Miss Guided. It was written by Kevin Etten and directed by Todd Holland It aired ...
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