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4 weeks ago ˇ Netflix renewed The Society for season 2 in 2019, and the show was initially set ... who is the only 15-and-a-half-year-old robotics engineer and rocket scientist in ... Netflix released a Christmas episode in Dec. ... Kids Say the Darndest Things
4 weeks ago ˇ If one or more of these things speak to you, you're probably hooked on ... As the episode kindly notes, the children were named in alphabetical order, which ... This is a really bizarre way to explain sex, and also, as with episode 2, ... 15 Shows That'll Give You Lupin Vibes While You Wait. ... TV's Funniest Women Will.
4 days ago ˇ In the season 1 episode “Great Expectations,” the brilliant Edward Norton became ... When DeDe comes to stay with Phil and Claire in season 2, she brings along ... who happens to be Claire's ex-boyfriend, which makes things really awkward. ... to the house to watch the Bulldogs game while Claire and the kids are away.
1 week ago ˇ In Season 3, Bean (voice of Abbi Jacobson) must step up her princess game amid royal ... kids' hilarious reactions to the Toddler Temptation Challenge when candy is left in front ... Gina Torres joins Season 2 of the 9-1-1 spinoff as Capt. ... In the new episode “Speak of the Devil,” Malcolm (Tom Payne) grapples with his own...
2 weeks ago ˇ In season two, things get much darker as both friendships and romances are ... noted, “In Poehler and Offerman, 'Making It' has the funniest and most accomplished hosts a ... Writing for Decider, Caseen Gaines says of the season one episode “The ... The children's show was lauded for its representation of gay and lesbian...
4 weeks ago ˇ So you can say he has a pretty strong batting average when it comes to animated ... Each episode in this binge-able show explores a different relationship she has ... to their growing catalogue AND a two-season reboot of the show was recently ... Even if geeky humor isn't your thing, you're still bound to adore the friendship...
6 days ago ˇ Left of Boom Episode 15: What It's Like to Be a Medal of Honor Recipient ... Hope Hodge Seck 2:23 ... And so, you know, briefly before we close out, it's one of the things I enjoy being involved with the most I would say, and then it's an education ... And it's excellent to be able to see these kids, you know, whoever, otherwise...
3 weeks ago ˇ The episode starts with Phoebe introducing the theme of her song, but the whole city ... This is probably one of the funniest episodes of Friends season 2. ... Chandler is reluctant, but Joey convinces him that women love babies and ... The group decides to play football, but Monica and Ross say they aren't allowed to play it.
2 weeks ago ˇ This show is thought-provoking, poignant, and each episode just gets better and better. ... If I were to describe this series, I'd say it was a perfect combination of Lost ... Cobra Kai is a sequel series to The Karate Kid movies and takes place 30 ... On a very different note, Season 2 is set in the Dark Ages and follows a young...
1 week ago ˇ Chris Pratt is responsible for creating some of the funniest moments on Parks and ... about their time on the show, and Pratt recalled that he acted like a kid on set. “My whole thing on Parks and Rec was just to cause destruction and break s**t ... There's a scene in the Parks and Recreation season 2 episode, “Kaboom,” that...