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how different/same is parks from the two mentioned above? ... I will admit that i have 30rock not much of a chance since it was right after the office fiasco, lol ... The first couple were too Office-like, with some 30 Rock zaniness thrown in. ... it's shot in the same mockumentary style and has the same type of humour as 30 Rock.
Jan 26, 2010 · What I love: 30 rock, Kimmy Schmidt, Nathan for You, Portlandia, ... Also you might like Better Off Ted, it has a similar vibe to 30 Rock and is really funny. ... a really funny mockumentary show on FX about a group of vampires ...
This show's style is probably best described as a farce, where everything is taken out of proportion for the sake of the comedy. I can see some people not liking ...
I've always like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey on SNL and their award gigs, but I'm skeptical about watching 30 Rock. I loved Parks and Rec, but this seems to be a ...
i don't think it's that far off. there are a lot of parallels you could draw between the three. all are ... grad students are the worst) shows. i think P&R is the closer sibling, but one of the main ... In my mind the big 3 comedies are 30 Rock, The Office and P&R. ... I wonder what the show would be like if it was a " mockumentary" style.
Fifth, why is Tracy Morgan shown to be blurred in his part of the theme/intro for the ... I am starting to realize that maybe since 30 rock isn't a mockumentary itself,  ...

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30 Rock Withdrawal. I just finished the show and it sucks knowing there aren't more episodes. The show is a masterpiece in every way. I got into this show ...
This thread is archived ... A fella can dream, I can't see it ever happening though ... It shouldn't be a Parks & Rec/30 Rock spin-off because then you'd have to ...
This thread is archived ... pehaps the direction was steered away from mockumentary style because NBC already had ... Had to put a 30 Rock spin on this meme.
Jan 23, 2020 · 30 Rock is a personal fav, curb is great, check out some Ricky gervais ... as the office (michael schur) and has the same mockumentary format.