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je m'en fiche
"i don't care" in French
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47 minutes ago Contextual translation of "ok will see you tomorrow bye" into English. ... But when it's Friday I stay home for the weekend And don't come back to school for a ... Correct answer to the question: Good night to all of you take care bye-bye see you...
13 minutes ago Chantons du Sauveur la puissance, Car c'est Lui qui brisa nos liens. ... trop rv dans ma jeunesse Aujourd'hui j'lance des S. S. We don't have this lyrics yet,...
32 minutes ago I don't use it, instead I use motioneye as NVR on Linux BUT I'd say yes, definitely. ... Ea a fost fondată n 1989 de patru foști angajaţi ai Acer care au derivat ... ogni genere di commenti, Google Translate si sta riprendendo la rivincita con.