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Apr 9, 2021 · Shannen Doherty aka Heather Duke Shannen, also 49, played the Heather who took over the school clique from leader Heather Chandler, following her death. She went onto cement her status as a household name in Beverly Hills 90210 before starring as Prue Halliwell on Charmed.

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Is Heathers appropriate for a 12 year old?
Please IGNORE the adults and teens and kids saying that this movie is okay for children. It is not. There is a sex scene, showing them, (if you know what I'm saying) there's a great deal of the f-bomb, tons and tons of violence, and a girl pretends to hang herself. Very dark but funny comedy.
How did the Heathers die?
Heather Chandler does and dies from chemical poisoning instantly. To cover up the murder J.D tells Veronica to write suicide note in Heather Chandler's handwriting.
How old is Heather Chandler?
Heather Chandler Character age 17 Richest, hottest, most magnetic, cruelest girl in town. Relishes power and wields it like a scalpel – no fear, no patience, no mercy.
Why does Veronica wear blue in Heathers?
Blue represents Veronica throughout this film, and never more so than here; although JD put the blue liquid into the cup, it represents Veronica taking power over her 'friend', and forcing control over her life.
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