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10 months ago ˇ 'The Good Doctor' Season 3, Episode 18 'Heartbreak' Review: Anger ... Shaun (Freddie Highmore) being a jerk through most of it certainly didn't help. ... that aside from the girl who came with him to the hospital, Finn has other ladies. ... But, this one really messed him up bad enough that he willingly hurt other people with...
29 months ago ˇ Season 3 Episode 18 ... Well Potomaniacs, I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is, we managed to make it through this RHOP season 3 finale ... Ladies, I support you being petty in the name of entertaining me, but only if you're ... the last 18 weeks, just hoping it might somehow get through to this woman.
69 months ago ˇ Nashville season 3, episode 18, “Nobody Knows But Me,” introduced a pop diva who ... It goes really well, minus Gunnar being a giant weirdo to Caleb, who has...
70 months ago ˇ He thinks May is just too good for him, but Nick tells him to go back to being his funny, confident self. After trying to steal water from a kid's birthday party, Jess...
82 months ago ˇ New Girl Review: “Sister III” (Season 3, Episode 18) ... Schmidt in tow, and this leads Schmidt to take out a three year lease on a storefront in a bad part of town.
82 months ago ˇ Find out who with our recap of New Girl season 3, episode 18, “Sister III,” and discuss ... Too bad Winston has already turned it into a workout space. ... Meanwhile, Nick complains to Winston that all his space is being taken over by Jess' stuff.