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5 days ago We see our man Pags going on a date and we also see a clear violation of the girl code by Tammy. So in the fourth episode, we feel something rocky is about to...
1 week ago Preview: The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 13 Episode 10 ... crazy, hours-long after-party that leads to accusations, denials, and the breaking of girl code.
11 hours ago I keep saying this about every episode, but Episode 7, “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” ... Previously, Darcy warned her that the Hex altered her genetic code twice ... Suddenly, Agatha appears, saying that Wanda “isn't the only magical girl in town.
3 days ago 21 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta — the ladies continued with a crazy after-party that lead to accusations, denials, and the breaking of girl code.
3 weeks ago One of the most popular mecha franchises of all time, Code Geass received several ... Madoka Magica, was beloved for its deconstruction look at magical girls.
2 weeks ago Her other sources of fame happen to be the commentary show 'Girl Code' (2013) and the MTV/Facebook Watch comedy series 'Loosely Exactly Nicole'...
3 weeks ago Last year, Code Switch compiled a variety of episodes that touched on activism, ... On February 5, Sam talks to Black Girl Songbook host Danyel Smith about...
3 weeks ago The episode may not be great, but at least we're no longer in the post–Super Bowl ... creamed the post-show celeb competition by unexpectedly showing up on New Girl. ... This crisis sets Seattle Grace into Code Black, and the interns all react...
2 weeks ago Just as it seemed like we had put the mean girl drama behind us (bye, MJ!), this week we ... isn't sure the "romance" is there, which we all know is code for "he's just not that into her. ... Hold that thought, Serena P., because the episode is over.
22 hours ago The Otherside Picnic Season 2 anime TV series will have the girls not only plumbing the depths of the otherside but ... Some of the episodes were original stories written by the book author. ... CODE BLACK are recent exceptions to this rule.