1998 ‧ Drama ‧ 8 seasons
7.1/10 ˇ IMDb 8.9/10 ˇ
A group of sisters discover they are witches. Luckily for the world, they're of the good variety. Banding together in their ancestral home in San Francisco, they work together to fight evil, with each having a specific special power. Although...
First episode date: October 7, 1998
Final episode date: May 21, 2006
Theme song: How Soon Is Now?
S08 E22 ˇ Forever Charmed
May 21, 2006
S08 E21 ˇ Kill Billie: Vol.2
May 14, 2006
S08 E20 ˇ Gone With the Witches
May 7, 2006
S08 E19 ˇ The Jung and the Restless
Apr 30, 2006
S08 E18 ˇ The Torn Identity
Apr 23, 2006
S08 E17 ˇ Generation Hex
Apr 16, 2006
S08 E16 ˇ Engaged and Confused
Feb 26, 2006
S08 E15 ˇ The Last Temptation of Christy
Feb 19, 2006
S08 E14 ˇ 12 Angry Zen
Feb 12, 2006
S08 E13 ˇ Repo Manor
Jan 22, 2006
S08 E12 ˇ Payback's a Witch
Jan 15, 2006
S08 E11 ˇ Mr and Mrs Witch
Jan 8, 2006
S08 E10 ˇ Vaya Con Leos
Nov 27, 2005
S08 E09 ˇ Hulkus Pocus
Nov 20, 2005
S08 E08 ˇ Battle of the Hexes
Nov 13, 2005
S08 E07 ˇ The Lost Picture Show
Nov 6, 2005
S08 E06 ˇ Kill Billie: Vol 1
Oct 30, 2005
S08 E05 ˇ Rewitched
Oct 23, 2005
S08 E04 ˇ Desperate Housewitches
Oct 16, 2005
S08 E03 ˇ Run, Piper, Run
Oct 9, 2005
S08 E02 ˇ Malice in Wonderland
Oct 2, 2005
S08 E01 ˇ Still Charmed & Kicking
Sep 25, 2005
S07 E22 ˇ Something Wicca This Way Goes
May 22, 2005
S07 E21 ˇ Death Becomes Them
May 15, 2005
S07 E20 ˇ Imaginary Fiends
May 8, 2005
S07 E19 ˇ Freaky Phoebe
May 1, 2005
S07 E18 ˇ Little Box of Horrors
Apr 24, 2005
S07 E17 ˇ Scry Hard
Apr 17, 2005
S07 E16 ˇ The Seven Year Witch
Apr 10, 2005
S07 E15 ˇ Show Ghouls
Feb 20, 2005
S07 E14 ˇ Carpe Demon
Feb 13, 2005
S07 E13 ˇ Charmageddon
Jan 30, 2005
S07 E12 ˇ Extreme Makeover: World Edition
Jan 23, 2005
S07 E11 ˇ Ordinary Witches
Jan 16, 2005
S07 E10 ˇ Witchness Protection
Nov 28, 2004
S07 E09 ˇ There's Something About Leo
Nov 21, 2004
S07 E08 ˇ Charmed Noir
Nov 14, 2004
S07 E07 ˇ Someone to Witch Over Me
Oct 31, 2004
S07 E06 ˇ Once in a Blue Moon
Oct 17, 2004
S07 E05 ˇ Styx Feet Under
Oct 10, 2004
S07 E04 ˇ Charrrmed!
Oct 3, 2004
S07 E03 ˇ Cheaper by the Coven
Sep 26, 2004
S07 E02 ˇ The Bare Witch Project
Sep 19, 2004
S07 E01 ˇ A Call to Arms
Sep 12, 2004
S06 E23 ˇ It's a Bad, Bad World, Parts One and Two Part 2
May 16, 2004
S06 E22 ˇ It's a Bad, Bad World, Parts One and Two Part 1
May 16, 2004
S06 E21 ˇ Witch Wars
May 9, 2004
S06 E20 ˇ A Wrong Day's Journey Into Right
May 2, 2004
S06 E19 ˇ Crimes and Witch-Demeanors
Apr 25, 2004
S06 E18 ˇ Spin City
Apr 18, 2004
S06 E17 ˇ Hyde School Reunion
Mar 14, 2004

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Fuller became known for playing Chris Halliwell on Charmed, a starring and guest star role from seasons 5-8 of the show. Fuller appeared in every season after first appearing in season 5. He is the only guest star to appear in every season following his introduction. Birth date: May 19, 1980
Andrew Alan "Drew" Fuller (born May 19, 1980) is an American actor and former male model. He is best known for his portrayal of Chris Halliwell in the television series Charmed and for playing soldier Trevor LeBlanc on Lifetime's Army Wives. Career ˇ Filmography ˇ Film ˇ Television Born: Andrew Alan Fuller; May 19, 1980 (age 39); Atherton, California Years active: 1999–present
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The winner gets a signed charmed script and everyone gets a group photo and selfies with Holly, Brian, and Drew. LIMITED TO ONLY 15 LUCKY PLAYERS!!