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2 days ago The company also asked for lenience because this was its first violation. ... As you can imagine, I wrote many versions of this apology and just wasn't sure what was the best way to do it.” ... One of the ways the Themes Team has been dealing with this is by using the relatively ... Funny you should ask this.
7 hours ago they ask why I do it, and I respond, “Because I can. ... It is not a given that people do things because they can. ... “You are not funny,” she said.
2 days ago (A pretty timely topic, if you ask me, considering that certain state officials ... funny, and heartfelt look at the extreme hurdles women have to go through ... pass for the real deal, most of the time there's a noticeable difference.
2 hours ago Gay herself will write the screenplay, which will mark the acclaimed author's first writing credit for either film or television. ... If you ask me, there aren't enough heist thrillers in this world ... pass for the real deal, most of the time there's a noticeable difference. In fact ... He wrote some pretty funny Archie stories.
2 days ago Asked how he viewed the state of comedy movies at the moment, Rogen had a very interesting response. ... It'll be interesting to see how comedies fare when theaters re-open. ... actually pass for the real deal, most of the time there's a noticeable difference. ... He wrote some pretty funny Archie stories.
2 weeks ago We all sat down together, talked with our mom and dad, and you can't get to the ... It was kind of funny because they just started smiling and Greg was like 'I got to ... ask the front office to bring in Antonio Brown, they should seriously consider it.
8 hours ago Before we dig into the details, a quick spec rundown: the phone comes with ... But $1,400 is a lot of money to ask for this device, especially when the spec ... device in your pocket, the Surface Duo might make you walk funny.
17 hours ago Lewis Hamilton uncomfortable negotiating new deal during pandemic 6 ... How would Indy 500 winners react to reliving some of the greatest moments ... We didn't ask any questions. ... Funny enough really, I was more focused on the race car. ... That's always kind of like the first hurdle you have to get over.
3 days ago We asked Helen Rosenthal's office if she still holds her original sentiment, ... position and stated that 'no registered sex offenders should be allowed on the ... But the funny thing is, you all can't stop punishing outside of court.
1 day ago I've already had several people ask me what I think of it, so let me be clear: I think ... Let's be honest: there is no way that you can responsibly “approve” a vaccine ... By the way it's always funny to see how many knowledgeable and smart ... I've had to deal with Russian clinical trials and approval processes.