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4 weeks ago · ... of my YouTuber gamers and they ask us to support things and we do, you should do that for George Floyd.” I said, “funny you say that baby,...
1 month ago · They carried banners that declared, “The government does not care! We the people must help each other!” and “Australia is not innocent.”.
3 weeks ago · It makes it sound desperate, but I remember it as a funny moment. I told him I wanted to make a beautiful film, and he said he would say a beautiful ... Many ask him these questions: how to live, how to be a better person.
2 months ago · They must be asking themselves whether the 'discours du President' ... I'd call them jokers but that would an affront jokers are at least funny.
2 months ago · Maybe you should learn economics and finance before putting judgement and trying to politicised the debate. raj mahal • il y a 2 mois. Maybe one...
7 months ago · Expedition Update 35: Funny how life works sometimes…when you think ... of my loved ones and ask myself, what would they want me to do?
2 months ago · When you are a leader you should be correct and not a liar. ... You are very funny my friend ! is it because we don't share the same views that you call me an ... [ You could ask the response at everyone you know at Toliara].
6 months ago · So much so that people might now ask you Tu veux qu'on se retrouve pour un Happy Hour ce soir? - Do you want to meet for a drink this evening...
1 month ago · Look to the past major catastrophes and how you dealt with it positively 3. Watch the best shows, the funniest videos and YouTube. ... but for all the idealistic and romantic flavour of classical socialism, people should ask why Karl Marx retorted...
7 months ago · In case you didn't know, Steam does a hardware survey and records the ... Steam does have other interesting stats as well which you can check out on their ... Funny, when benchmarks on my own machine compared to the ... All you need to do is ask me nicely and I'll answer nicely if you're so interested.