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idée de génie
"brainstorm" in French
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3 days ago · brainstorm définition, signification, ce qu'est brainstorm: 1. ... The team got together to brainstorm (the project). ... Obtenez une traduction rapide et gratuite !
5 days ago · Prononciation de brainstorming. Comment dire brainstorming en anglais, grâce aux prononciations audio - Cambridge University Press.
3 days ago · She's stuck in my brain storm, trying not to get rained on. I put all these rings on and it look like I'm flame throwing. And I put all my chains on and it look like I ...
5 days ago · Students may want to brainstorm with their parents or caregiver to determine ... Il n'y a pas lieu de s'inquiéter de la traduction d'une quelconque portion de ...
4 days ago · 2020 On a recent afternoon, 22 teachers and staff gathered in an Aptos classroom after school to vent, commiserate and brainstorm. — Heather Knight ...
5 days ago · And feel free to get in touch if you want to chat, brainstorm or strategize about your organization's [...] specific situation. Et sentez-vous bien à l' aise ...
7 days ago · Perhaps you just want to brainstorm an idea, or put in the hours to build a side business yourself on NXTER.
7 days ago · Posts: 21,986. Sylvan Elf LAB Brainstorm/Ideas thread. ... Posts: 3,941. Undying Dynasties LAB Brainstorm ... Posts: 14,128. Traduction - Signaler des erreurs.
We are in the brainstorm process to study a good marketing strategy Smiley. That is actually not a bad idea, because most of the bigger and most well known ...
5 days ago · ... De Grammaire AnglaiseVocabulaire Anglais FrançaisTraduction Anglais ... 15. body 16.brainstorm 17.brief 18.calculate 19.caption 20.category 21.cause ...