Ari Emanuel
Ari is based on Wahlberg's real-life agent Ari Emanuel. Connolly, Grenier, Dillon, Ferrara, and Piven are credited in every episode in the opening credits of the entire series.

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Who is entourage based on in real life?
Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Dillon and Jeremy Piven in 'Entourage. ' When Entourage hit the airwaves in 2004, it was common knowledge that the show was based loosely on the exploits of executive producer Mark Wahlberg and his hometown buddies who accompanied him to Tinseltown.
Who is Ari from Entourage based on?
Inspiration. Ari's character is based in part on the real-life Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel, who broke away from mega-agency ICM to form the Endeavor Talent Agency, which represents such stars as Vin Diesel and Larry David, both of whom are represented on the show by the fictional Ari Gold.
How close is entourage to real life?
While "Entourage" is meant to be heightened fantasy of what goes on behind the scenes, Ellin is quick to say that 90 percent of what they show is actually real – especially "the Hollywood stuff." The film, out on June 3, picks up six days after the series finale.
Who is the real Eric Murphy?
Eric Murphy
Portrayed by
Kevin Connolly
In-universe information
Owner of Murphy Lavin Group. Formerly Talent Manager at Murray Berenson Co. And Owner of The Murphy Group (talent management co.)
Jun 4, 2015 ˇ When Entourage hit the airwaves in 2004, it was common knowledge that the show was based loosely on the exploits of executive producer ...
Jun 2, 2015 ˇ In anticipation of the premiere of the "Entourage" movie on June 3, TheWrap looks at ... of show and the movie, Vincent is a Hollywood actor with a crazy personal life. ... See which real-life personality inspired Ari on the next slide. ... Most attempts at movie franchises based on video games sputter out after a ...
We compare Mark Wahlberg's real-life entourage vs. their TV show/movie counterparts, ... Ari is based on Mark Wahlberg's real-life agent, Ari Emanuel, who began ... Aquaman is a watery nod to Mark Wahlberg's experience with his first major ...
Jul 18, 2019 ˇ In celebration of 15 years, the 'Entourage' creator and cast reveal the ... it's a living daydream grounded in the reality of everyday celebrity life, ... It's HBO, and Chris Albrecht is a genius, and the pieces are just there [for it to be great]. ... but just like with Seinfeld, I could see that X-factor missing... the little ...
Jun 4, 2015 - We compare Mark Wahlberg's real-life entourage vs. their TV show/ movie counterparts, including the real Johnny Drama, ... This 1000 piece jigsaw is designed by Paul Calle and measures 20 x 27. This puzzle is a striking portrait of a Native American Chieftain. ... HollywoodTV Shows Based on Real Events.
Jun 3, 2015 ˇ Yeah, the “Entourage” hate is real. ... featuring gorgeous Los Angeles scenery; real-life celebrity cameos; insanely expensive cars and homes; ... Default, X- Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large ... There is, of course, an undercurrent of criticism that this is a vulgar series with a terrible portrayal of ...

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