The Longest Yard

PG-13 · 2005 ‧ Comedy/Sport ‧ 1h 53m
6.4/10 · IMDb 31% · Rotten Tomatoes 48% · Metacritic
Disgraced pro football quarterback Paul Crewe (Adam Sandler) lands in jail, where manipulative Warden Hazen (James Cromwell) recruits him to advise the institution's team. This turns into a lead role quarterbacking a crew of inmates in a game...
Release date: May 27, 2005 (USA)
Director: Peter Segal
Box office: 191.5 million USD
Executive producers: Adam Sandler, Allen Covert, Albert S. Ruddy, and more
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David Patrick Kelly, Actor: Twin Peaks. Compact, feisty and fierce character actor David Patrick Kelly was born in Detroit, Michigan, ... 2005 The Longest Yard

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Who is Unger in The Longest Yard?
Unger is a minor villain in the movie The Longest Yard. He was portrayed by David Patrick Kelly, who also portrayed Luther in the 1979 film The Warriors, Sully in the 1985 action film Commando, and T-Bird in the 1994 film The Crow.
How old is David Patrick Kelly?
70 years (January 23, 1951)
David Patrick Kelly / Age
Who is the kicker in The Longest Yard?
Burt Reynolds starred as Paul "Wrecking" Crewe in 1974's classic The Longest Yard, leading his inmate team against the guards in a brutal prison football game. And that's the only version of the movie he cares to watch.
Is the Longest Yard 2005 a true story?
The 1974 film, The Longest Yard, is a true sports classic with Burt Reynolds in the lead role. But, despite claims that the film is based on an original story, reviewers in 1974 found many similarities between The Longest Yard and a 1962 Hungarian film called Two Halves of Hell.
David Patrick Kelly (born January 23, 1951) is an American actor, musician and lyricist who has ... 48 Hrs. (1982), Commando (1985), The Crow (1994), The Funeral and Last Man Standing (both 1996), The Longest Yard (2005), as President ... Early life · Career · Awards · Filmography
The Longest Yard is a 2005 American prison sports comedy film directed by Peter Segal and ... Bob Sapp as Switowski; David Patrick Kelly as Unger; Terry Crews as "Cheeseburger" Eddy; Nicholas Turturro as Brucie; Bill Goldberg as Joey ... Bob Sapp · 1974 film · Michael Irvin · Steve Reevis Based on: The Longest Yard; by Albert S. Ruddy Budget: $82 million Production company: Columbia Pictures; MTV Films; Happy Madison Productions; Callahan Filmworks Distributed by: Paramount Pictures; (North America); Sony Pictures Releasing; (International)
David Patrick Kelly Celebrity Profile - Check out the latest David Patrick Kelly photo gallery, ... 31%, 62%, The Longest Yard, Unger (Character), $158.1M, 2005.
David Patrick Kelly (born January 23, 1951) is an American actor and musician, ... The Crow, The Longest Yard, Flags of our Fathers, Jonah Hex, Chi-Raq (with ...
See a detailed David Patrick Kelly timeline, with an inside look at his movies, marriages, children, awards ... Margarethe Jane Kelly born. ... The Longest Yard.
... Quotes .com. The most famous phrases, film quotes and movie lines by David Patrick Kelly. ... Flags of Our Fathers; The Longest Yard Quotes The Longest ...
Results 1 - 16 of 54 · The Longest Yard. 2005 | CC. 4.7 out of 5 stars ... Starring: Michael Beck , James Remar , David Patrick Kelly , et al. Directed by: Walter Hill ...
He burst onto the acting scene in 1979, playing the devious leader of the leather- clad gang "The Rogues" in Walter Hill's controversial New York City gang film The ...

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