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Oct 5, 2020 · DistributionModifier · Christian Bale ( VF : Philippe Valmont ; VQ : Antoine Durand ) : Bruce Wayne / Batman · Maggie Gyllenhaal ... Synopsis · Fiche technique · Production · Accueil Sortie: 2012 Acteurs principaux: Christian Bale; Michael Caine; Gary Oldman; Anne Hathaway; Tom Hardy; Morgan Freeman Titre québécois: L'Ascension du Chevalier Noir Scénario: Christopher Nolan; Jonathan Nolan
Rating (57,650)
Sep 24, 2020 · The Dark Knight Rises est un film réalisé par Christopher Nolan avec Christian ... même distribution (Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy, Marion ...
Jul 20, 2020 · The Dark Knight Rises. 201213+ 2 h 44 minThrillers d'action. Le milliardaire Bruce Wayne ... Distribution. Christian BaleMichael CaineGary OldmanAnne ...
Jun 15, 2020 · Retrouvez l'artefact du film The Dark Knight Rises, le Batarang à 59,95€ ... Porté par la vision inédite de son réalisateur et par sa distribution étoilée, Batman ...

People also ask

Is The Dark Knight Rises appropriate for an 8 year old?
This movie is very much aimed at a mature audience and it is likely to be too scary for younger children. We feel that 'The Dark Knight Rises' should be appropriate for kids aged 10 and over but we advise caution for children who are sensitive to violence.
What city is used in The Dark Knight Rises?
Why was Pittsburgh used as Gotham city for the majority of “The Dark Knight Rises”? Gotham City is one of comic literature's iconic locations. Conceived as a form of a Chicago and nighttime New York hybrid, the city has moved around the world in its film adaptations.
Is there any movie after The Dark Knight Rises?
Following “The Dark Knight Rises,” Nolan went on to direct his space epic “Interstellar” and his World War II survival thriller “Dunkirk.” The director's next film, the global spy thriller “Tenet,” is opening in theaters July 17, 2020. All of these films have the backing of Warner Bros.
What does the end of Dark Knight Rises mean?
At the end of The Dark Knight Rises, with the help of Gotham City's remaining police force, Batman was able to get control of the city back from Bane and finally defeated the breathing-impaired supervillain mano-a-mano - though it was Catwoman who delivered the killing shot. The problem was, the threat wasn't over.
Nov 15, 2020 · As expected, The Dark Knight Rises led the box office, but with a more subdued opening. ... The Dark Knight Rises is a 2012 superhero film directed by Christopher ... Cameron Black : L'illusionniste Distribution, Le Nouveau James Bond 007, ...
Jul 25, 2020 · La promotion de The Dark Knight Rises a été brutalement stoppée par la Warner, The ... Et l'ancien responsable de la distribution de la Twentieth Century Fox ...
Sep 22, 2020 · Si The Dark Knight Rises vit Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) prendre la place de Rachel Dawes dans le cœur de Bruce Wayne, il pourrait en être de même avec ...
Aug 25, 2020 · Mar 13 : 21H10 THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Mer 14 : 22H MEMENTO. Jeu 15 : 19H50 INSOMNIA. Dim 18 : 18H20 LE PRESTIGE. Ven 23 : 13H MEMENTO.
Mar 27, 2020 · Love Me If You Dare by Yann Samuell (2003) Photo: Mars Distribution ... The Dark Knight Rises by Christopher Nolan (2012) Photo: Warner Bros. France.
Nov 25, 2020 · 2,221 likes · wipytv 'Batman Begins', 'The Dark Knight' y 'The Dark Knight Rises' son grandes películas también por sus increíbles villanos. ¿Quién es el mejor?

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