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Nov 4, 2019 ˇ The Crown Carries on Splendidly in Season 3. By Jen Chaney @chaneyj. Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies, taking over royal duties in The ...

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Is Season 3 of the crown good?
In The Crown's third season, some major things have changed, but fundamentally, the Netflix drama remains the same. It is still gorgeously photographed, still committed to shining a new light on royal history, and still immensely satisfying to watch.
Which season of the crown is best?

If you've never watched Netflix's 'The Crown,' just skip ahead to season 4 — it's that good

Season four of Netflix's "The Crown" is the series' best installment of episodes to date.
For those that didn't watch the first three seasons, they might as well skip ahead.
If you've never watched Netflix's 'The Crown,' skip to season 4 - Insider > why-you-should-watch-the-crown-season-four-review-...
Why did they recast Season 3 of the Crown?
Showrunner Peter Morgan famously recast the show at the start of the third season, as his character were aging more quickly than the actors. "I feel that when we reach 1963-64 we've gone as far as we can go with Claire Foy without having to do silly things in terms of makeup to make her look older," Morgan said.
Why is Claire Foy not in the Crown season 3?
Foy was replaced by Olivia Colman for seasons three and four of The Crown as the entire cast changed over to reflect the ageing of the characters as they moved into a different period in history.
Nov 5, 2019 ˇ The Crown season 3 review: New cast, who dis? The faces on The Crown have changed, but the show's appeal — and its faults — remain the ...
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Season 3. The Crown. Critics Consensus. Olivia Colman shines, but as The Crown ... Rate And Review ... The Crown: Season 3 Teaser - Date Announcement. Critic Reviews for The Crown ... ˇ Olding The Crown Season 3
Nov 15, 2019 ˇ In Season 3 of Netflix's "The Crown," Olivia Colman steps into Claire Foy's shoes as Queen Elizabeth II just as the series focuses on Prince ...
Nov 17, 2019 ˇ Season three of Netflix's The Crown, the epoch-spanning chronicling of her Madge's reign that will probably go down as writer Morgan's life's ...

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