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America Ferrera and Ben Feldman star in the hilarious workplace comedy " Superstore," about a unique family of employees at a supersized megastore. Episodes · First Look: Superstore Season ... · Pilot · School

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Rating (18,027)
America Ferrera and Ben Feldman at an event for Superstore (2015) Ben Feldman at an event for Superstore (2015) Colton Dunn in Superstore (2015) America ... Full Cast & Crew · Episode List · Superstore (2015-) · Season 3
The Cloud 9 Superstore is a fictional hypermarket discount store. In addition to typical American hypermarket products, ... List of Superstore episodes · List of Superstore characters · Ben Feldman
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Superstore ✓
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Raise your hand if you've been holding it in. 😳 Thanks for joining us in the #Superstore restroom! See you next time. 👋…
2 hours ago
Hidden Remote ✓
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#Superstore explores the downsides of Cloud 9’s location-tracking employee app and the dangers of Dina learning how to text gifs to Amy!…
17 minutes ago
Nathaniel Whittemore
Twitter › nlw
Superstore’s most recent ep is about a co that forces employees to DL an app to track them. One dude is angrily fighting it and when another guy said “who cares if they’re watching” he responds “oh the ‘I have nothing to hide’ argument!” So maybe privacy IS going mainstream?…
59 minutes ago
Sleeping Giants ✓
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Check out our new superstore in Sydney, Australia! We only accept Sorosbucks.…
2 hours ago
Superstore ✓
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To the person who put up this display: Who hurt you? #Superstore…
2 hours ago
Jared Cruz-Aedo ✓
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Jonah gaslighting Garrett is the best I’m dying 😂 #Superstore
2 hours ago
Superstore ✓
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This gives a whole new meaning to "rest" room. #Superstore…
2 hours ago
Superstore ✓
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We're sensing a bit of tension in the air between Amy and Dina... 😬 #Superstore…
2 hours ago
Video for Superstore
Nov 8, 2015 · America Ferrera ("Ugly Betty") and Ben Feldman star in a hilarious workplace comedy (from the ...Duration: 2:39 Posted: Nov 8, 2015
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May 21, 2019 · It's a Friday morning, and the set of NBC's Superstore is filled with more than a dozen of the show's regular and recurring characters. As I look ...
Rating (24)
Critics Consensus: Superstore's talented cast and obvious potential are slightly overshadowed by a tonally jumbled presentation and thin, formulaic writing.
Rating (8)
Superstore: Season 5 Episode 1 Clip - Cheyenne Visits Mateo in the ... Superstore: Season 5 Episode 2 Clip - Jonah's Secret Engagement Party for Sandra.
SUPERSTORE IS RENEWED FOR SEASON 6! 2.5K. 272. Remembering Linda Porter (Myrtle) - Superstore (Digital Exclusive). 1.3K. 144. Happy Holidays!