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11 hours ago · America launched its first space station, Skylab 1, on May 14, 1973. The 169,000-pound Skylab included a pressurized workshop, an airlock, and a suite of telescopes, with an overall habitable volume of 12,417 cubic feet. During the liftoff, Skylab suffered significant damage that threatened the entire program.

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7 hours ago · The SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavour sits atop the Falcon 9 rocket at the launch pad ready to carry four Commercial Crew astronauts to the space station. The ...
7 hours ago · Salyut 1 (DOS-1) (Russian: Салют-1) was the first space station launched into low Earth orbit by the Soviet Union on April 19, 1971. The Salyut program ... Launch: April 19, 1971, 01:40:00 UTC Launch pad: Site 81/24, Baikonur Cosmodrome, Soviet Union Days in orbit: 175 days Crew: 3
2 days ago · The International Space Station programme is tied together by a complex set of legal, political and financial agreements between the fifteen nations involved in ... Cost: $150 billion (2010) First crewed flight: STS-88; December 4, 1998 Crew capacity: ISS: 7; Space Shuttle: 7; Soyuz: 3; Crew Dragon: 4 First flight: Zarya; November 20, 1998
20 hours ago · On 19 April 1971, 50 years ago, the world's first space station – Salyut 1 – was launched. Its debut success for the Soviet Salyut program paved the way for the ...
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4 days ago · Skylab is not just a story of space hardware and space science, but also of space explorers and pioneers. Using official NASA documentation and interviews. Edition description: 2001
1 day ago · The international space station (iss) is a habitable artificial satellite in low earth orbit. it follows the salyut, almaz, skylab and mir stations as the ninth space ...
11 hours ago · Station was launched by the Soviet Union in 1971 and opened the door to successors like Mir and the current International Space Station.
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2 days ago · Have you seen the International Space Station? It is visible with the naked eye! This is the easiest way to spot the station. ISS Detector will tell you when and ...
4 days ago · Several times a month, Mission Control at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston determines sighting opportunities for the international space station for ...